RevenewCost Recovery. Profit Enhancement.

How can a CPO or CFO be certain they have captured all supplier contract value? 

For 25 years, Revenew’s Cost Recovery programs have focused on identifying, validating and collecting supplier payment errors on behalf of our clients with minimal commitment of time & resources for internal staff. 

  • Supplier Payment Reviews (A/P recovery audits)
  • Contract Compliance Reviews
  • Sales & Use Tax Recovery

We don’t claim to do everything. Our specialized programs tightly focus on improving your profitability – while reducing risk.  Revenew’s average recovery rates are unmatched. Root cause analytics highlight problem areas to prevent recurring supplier payment issues in the future.  We leave your bottom line, your supplier relationships, and your people even better than before.

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Revenew’s cost recovery gains are immediate. Substantial. We also excel at containing costs. We’ll help you stop dollars from getting out the door in the first place. In real time.


Experience matters.

Every member of our team is highly skilled, highly specialized, and senior level. They are accomplished and time-tested, offering you hard-earned experience from their work in the trenches. And they will get the job done with minimal impact on your time or your suppliers’ operations.

Enduring relationships.

We are proud to have built long-standing relationships with our many blue-chip clients. We believe the trust they’ve shown us over decades is a testament to Revenew’s laser focus on customer service and results. Our clients are available to tell you about their experience working with us.

How does compensation work?

It works however you want it to. We offer a range of compensation models: contingency, hourly, fixed fee. We’ll also create a customized hybrid mix that’s the perfect fit for you.

How does Revenew’s technology measure up?

Technology never stops advancing. We see that as a good thing, and stay on the cutting edge with our proprietary automation software, sampling methodology tool, and gainIQ analytics. We leverage existing ERP systems, index databases, analytics tools, Excel, and more with our own unique technologies – to power results others don’t achieve.

What about supplier relationships?

We understand just how important your suppliers are to your business. You respect and value them. We respect and value them. By increasing transparency, we improve those relationships – to everyone’s benefit. 

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