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Ricoh is committed to assisting organizations nationwide in transforming the way you work. Through our relationship with OMNIA Partners, Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help your organization take full advantage of the latest workplace technology. Ricoh helps organizations address their information security and compliance, sustainability, process improvement and cost optimization efforts.

Partnership of Excellence Bronze Award


The Bronze Partnership Excellence Award is a testament to the commendable dedication of our valued suppliers. This esteemed medallion is presented to those who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to our partnership.



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When agencies utilize cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners, they gain the collective buying power that is revolutionizing purchasing in the public sector. Ricoh and OMNIA Partners together deliver public agencies cost-efficient solutions that empower digital workplaces. From multifunction devices and managed print services to innovative cloud and IT services and analytics, the Ricoh cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners brings innovative yet realistic solutions to nonprofit organizations.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation Services

Be more agile, improve outcomes, control costs, and focus on your core business. Harness your business's full potential and maximize efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction — all while managing your risk and compliance. Our Business Process Services align with your key business goals and help in your digital transformation journey.

Capture & Conversion Services

Organize unstructured data and digitize paper documents for fast, comprehensive, and secured access to useful intormation. Give your workforce mobile access using their preferred device — from laptops to phones.

Claims Management

We can help transform your manual claims procedures into smart digital processes to help you achieve KPI requirements, reporting, compliance, and continuous improvement.

Accounts Payable Processing

We can help drive down overhead, increase efficiency, improve accuracy, enhance oversight through AP/AR workflows and deliver anytime, anywhere access to information.

Cloud & IT Services

Fine tune your IT environment

IT Management & Support Services include ongoing monitoring and management of your infrastructure, allowing you to reassign your IT resources to strategic issues. Reduce complexity and scale services as needed through Managed Cloud Services, which span public, private and hybrid cloud options. Obtain always-up-to-date tools like Office 365™, Skype® for Business, VoIP and more with hosted End User Communications Services. Take advantage of Data Center Services to store and safeguard your data in a center managed by us and to extend your IT presence geographically by leveraging our technical support people. When you're ready to apply business intelligence to measure progress against goals or to visualize operational scenarios, consider RICOH Analytics.

IT Health Check

Quickly uncover your technology gaps with an IT risk assessment.

How much more could your business achieve?
Your IT infrastructure determines how productive your people can be. It keeps your data and information safe. Ultimately, your IT practices directly affect your revenue and profit.

Sudden, dramatic business changes can create – or expose – gaps in your IT systems and infrastructure. But before you can address them, you need to know they exist.

Enter the IT Health Check. This remotely conducted, paid engagement provides you a full IT risk assessment.

And when it’s done, you get our VIP report that identifies gaps, risks, and offers recommendations you can apply to improve business results, reduce costs, enhance security, and boost employee productivity.

Managed Print Services

Centralized Printing Solutions encompass right-sizing your distributed printer fleet, oversight of devices and technical support.

Managed Print Services optimize output management processes and technology throughout your organization to improve how you create, store, use and protect information.

Technology Services focus on having the right technologies in place and optimizing device use with multiple support options.

The Print Platform Cloud Service allows you to reduce IT staffing levels and decrease the time you spend managing your infrastructure.

Ransomeware Protection

RansomCare provides a layer of defense inside of a network even after the perimeter has been breached. When RansomCare detects a ransomware attack, an alert is raised instantly, and the software can automatically respond by shutting down and/or disconnecting the endpoint under attack (Windows, Mac, and Linux) so encryption stops. It can also alert system administration.


Records Digitization

Paper files and records slow down things essential to your growth: research, analysis, decisions, competitiveness and responsiveness. Going digital makes sense for cost, efficiency and risk reduction reasons, and for transforming information so it's useful, accessible and searchable. Data capture services, as well as onsite, cloud and hybrid data storage options, enable flexible approaches to meet security, governance and compliance requirements.

Communicate and collaborate effectively

Accelerate a digital journey for any business, including state and local government, with Digitization and Data Processing. Our business process outsourcing experts will scan paper documents, organize your digital content and set up workflows within your CMS, CRM or other systems.