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RingCentral, Inc. is a leading provider of business cloud communications and contact center solutions based on its powerful Message Video Phone™ (MVP™) platform. We unify calling, messaging, and meeting with employees, customers, and everyone in between. You can access the app from anywhere—and on any device. We plug into all the apps your business depends on: Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Hubspot. We make decision-making easy with powerful IT and line of business analytics to more effectively run your business

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RingCentral partners with educational institutions and government organizations to future-proof their communications systems with a unified messaging, video phone, and contact center platform. Public organizations nationwide have access to a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract for RingCentral's solutions available through OMNIA Partners. 

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Security That's a Step Ahead

As agencies evaluate cloud communications and contact center solutions, the security and privacy of their citizens is a critical consideration. One of the key differences of our platform is its HITRUST CSF certification. This, along with our robust encryption and other third-party audits, ensures that your citizens' private information is protected across our platform as it is exchanged and that these measures support your agency compliance. 

With built-in redundancies, RingCentral enables you to engage your citizens without disruption or delay, even in adverse environmental or technical conditions.

RingCentral's open platform integrates with commonly used applications such as email (Microsoft 365 and Teams), file sharing (Box and Google Drive), and more, whether you choose a standard or custom solution. Not only does this streamline interactions, it allows agencies to enrich your public service picture by seamlessly capturing important data for analytics, reporting, and future strategic planning.

Education Solutions

With RingCentral for Education, you can easily bring students, faculty and campus communities together all in one secure workspace. 

Let your community choose how to interact – social, message, video or phone – and enable various groups to work together. Engage your virtual classrooms, collaborate real-time in an easy to manage and secure place to drive connection.

Discover how RingCentral solutions can benefit your school system:

  • Virtual Classrooms - Connect and engage with students and faculty, no matter where they are or what device they’re on. 
  • Easy Management - Keep your school, district or campus running with a partial or fully remote team. 
  • Collaboration - Get all the tools you need to create a culture of collaboration. 
  • Service Reimagined - Support, engage and inspire your way to a happier connected campus with an omni-channel contact center. 
  • Integrations - RingCentral integrates with hundreds of tools that you rely on everyday - Canvas, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. 
  • Secure & Private - RingCentral protects all your information and conversations with industry recommended and compliant data centers and seven layers of comprehensive security. 

State & Local Government Solutions

As a government agency, your digital transformation strategy focuses on navigating through uncertainty. Agencies are embracing digital transformation to meet citizens' increasing communications needs and to enable employees to work in a hybrid environment. 

Modern, cloud-based communications technology can seamlessly incorporate robust message, video, phone, and contact center capability into your employee and citizen experiences. The ability of staff to connect over these integrated and always-available channels from any device reduces citizen coordination delyas, improves citizen experience, and increases mutual employee and citizen satisfaction. RingCentral combines unified comunications and contact center solutions to enable the connected agency. 

  • Employee Collaboration - RingCentral's communications platform empowers employees to "do more with less" in a hybrid work environment. Staff can collaborate in real time with peers and citizens through RingCentral MVP™.
  • Operational Efficiency - Successful digital transformation requires that employees and citizens can communicate on a reliable, secure platform. With RingCentral, agencies receive a cloud-based PBX all-in-one platform, enabling secure, reliable collaboration. 
  • Citizen Experience - Offering diverse and personalized channels to engage with your citizens makes it easier for them to access your services, which improves their citizen experience and builds trust. With RingCentral Contact CenterTM, you can optimize your agency website with web chat or configure call routing.


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