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Automate your cash security deposit management and refunds – reduce cost by up to 80%, stay compliant and provide your residents with meaningful financial amenities.  Roost supports leading property management companies and owner/operators nationwide. Compliant in all 50 states.


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Our cooperative purchasing strategy with Roost will help your agency lower costs while saving you time and resources. With OMNIA Partners, there is no extra cost to participate so you don't have to stress with hidden fees. 

Roost Refund Automation

Spend up to 80% less managing the security deposit refund process

Say goodbye to repetitive work including processing refunds, mailing statements and checks and re-issuing replacement checks. That’s our job now. 

Key features:

  • 2-way sync with Yardi, Realpage and Entrata
  • SmartNotifications - refund deadlines, forwarding address and cash check
  • Resident refund choice - Direct Deposit/ACH, Instant Card, Google/Apple wallet, Mailed Check + split refund and legal consent management
  • Deposit account statement mailing
  • Resident support including status and check/re-issuance support
  • Unclaimed property tracking

Roost’s refund automation software streamlines the security deposit refund refund process into three easy steps. Check out this video

Roost Full Deposit Managment

The Roost platform centralizes and streamlines security deposit management including payment, banking/escrow, interest management, refund automation and unclaimed property tracking across all properties, for all your

residents. Cut the cost of deposit management up to 80%, free up staff time for customer-centric activities, and avoid negative resident reviews.

  • All of the features in Refund Automation, plus
  • Deposit payment – holds, conditional, pet and more
  • Advanced fraud controls built-in
  • Escrow and interest management
  • SmartCompliance - every jurisdiction  
  • Resident amenities: ways to save, earn rewards and build credit
  • Full resident support included

Affordable, Workforce, Conventional

Roost is built for multifamily at scale. Save thousands of hours every year with automated workflows, cash security deposit collection, built-in compliance and refund management.

Single Family Real Estate

Roost helps single family property management and investment companies save thousands of hours with automated workflows, deposit payment collection, built-in compliance and refund management.

Student Housing

Student properties face a unique set of challenges. Roost’s refund automation service is designed to support seasonal volume turn, guarantors, roommates, international students and more.

Get the Roost Refund Guarantee

If a refund is ever late due to our error, we cover the cost.



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