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Since 1972, Sanitaire Commercial has been a leader and innovator in the commercial floorcare industry. Sanitaire’s portable machines are known industrywide for exceptional performance, durability, productivity and cost of ownership. Sanitaire’s diverse product line features upright, backpack and canister vacuums, floor machines, carpet extractors, electrostatic sprayers, air movers and purifiers, along with accessories to keep your machines running. We are dedicated to the success of your business and ensuring an exceptional clean through our program with OMNIA Partners.

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Sanitaire has commercial floorcare products to keep your properties clean and residents happy. Elevate the look of your interior floors with the help of Sanitaire's line of hard floor washers, vacuum cleaners, and more! 

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NEW: Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum: Unleashing Cleaning Freedom

In today’s constrained labor environment, transitioning to more productive products is a key driver on maintaining a high quality of clean in optimizing cleaning procedures. That is why we at Sanitaire® developed and are excited to be releasing the TRANSPORT® cordless backpack vacuum!

  • Cover more ground: Clean up to 89% more area per hour compared to an upright vacuum!****
  • Ergonomic Design: The lightweight and ergonomic design prioritizes the comfort and well-being of cleaning staff.
  • Sealed HEPA system for superior air filtration and cleaner indoor air quality.

Unrestricted Movement: Unlike traditional corded vacuums, cordless backpack vacuums free cleaning crews from the constraints of power cords. 


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