SchoolPassFixed and Vehicle License Plate Recognition

SchoolPass is a K-12 platform helping schools manage attendance, campus movement, and campus wellness, in the cloud. Schools can consolidate and modernize the arrival, screening, and departure of students, staff, parents, and visitors in one place, while enabling schools to more quickly and accurately account for everyone on campus throughout the school day, especially during an emergency. SchoolPass partners with Student Information System (SIS) platforms to seamlessly sync parent, student, and attendance data.

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SchoolPass is the complete K-12 campus operations & safety solution. Consolidate student safety, physical attendance, dismissal, and parent engagement into one connected & patented platform, available on a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners.

Products & Services

SchoolPass offers these solutions in a single connected, cloud based patented platform:

  • Visitor Management: Screen and manage visitor, parent, and student movement. Students and staff check-in/out, pre-register expected visitors, pre-print visitor badges, and run visitors through a sex offender background check.
  • Dismissal Management
    • Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) Cameras for security and traffic management: SchoolPass ALPR cameras automatically screen vehicles arriving and departing your campus day and night, giving administrators real-time awareness of every vehicle on campus. ALPR can be used for perimeter security, real-time traffic counts, vehicular access control, and dismissal automation.
    • Carline Automation: Students are organized for dismissal from automatically identifying parents based on license plates, RFID/toll tags, phone GPS, or mobile entry onsite. Staff use this information to manage efficient and faster dismissal.
    • Bus Boarding and Notifications: Ensure you have the right students on the bus. Produce real-time bus manifests and notify parents and administrators on bus status.
    • After School Activity Management: Manage after school activities online. Provide real-time rosters, notifications, attendance reports for billing.
  • Campus Traffic Monitoring: Screen vehicles using automated license plate cameras and RFID tag readers for arrival/departure. Notify security when unwanted vehicles arrive on campus, open gates based on custom access rules.
  • Emergency Attendance (including Mass Notification): Teachers and staff can account for everyone during an emergency or drill. Administrators view real-time emergency attendance statuses and send (non)emergency messages to the school community.
  • Student Arrival/Dismissal Changes: Empower parents via a mobile app to communicate changes (late arrival, absences, bus changes, and afterschool plans). Changes in real-time are available to administrators and teachers- reducing front office manual work.
  • Campus Wellness
    • Wellness Checks: Self-reported checks and tracking using questions, automated reminders to parents and staff, compliance reports to designated admins/nurses, and Wellness check verification upon arrival.
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Status Automation: Staff and students (soon parents and visitors) update vaccine statuses by uploading vaccine cards to the SchoolPass App. Select wellness Administrators review/verify and can send custom notifications.
  • Attendance (day-level): Teachers can mark students late or absent. Attendance statuses are automatically sent to the front office and the school’s SIS. Administrators can view live and historical attendance and send teachers reminders. Parent changes merge to the teacher’s attendance dashboard.
  • Attendance (period-level): Students are empowered to check in to each class period themselves using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag. Teachers and school staff get real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located. SchoolPass pulls in schedule and roster data from the school's SIS to ensure accuracy.

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