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For 75+ years, Service Logic has consistently delivered best-in-class energy solutions and exceptional client service. Our integrated services optimize energy efficiency, comfort, productivity, health and safety for more than 25,000 clients nationwide and over 500 million square feet of commercial, industrial and institutional real estate.

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We specialize in evaluating, designing, installing and maintaining commercial mechanical systems with a focus on maximizing energy efficiencies, reducing costs and improving performance. Our experienced network of local and regional business partners deliver the tailored services, unmatched technology solutions and industry expertise our OMNIA Partners members need to remain competitive.

service logic hvac services

HVAC Services

A state-of-the-art HVAC system is one of the biggest capital investments in your building or facility. To guard it against risk, you need the ongoing protection of preventive maintenance. With Service Logic as your partner, your system will last longer with fewer headaches and operate at maximum efficiency.  And through our national footprint and integrated services, we ensure an exceptional customer experience and peace of mind.

Commercial HVAC Services Include: 

  • Operational Assessments 
  • Planned Maintenance 
  • Emergency Services / Repairs
  • Equipment Replacement / Retrofit
  • Energy Optimization 
  • Design / Build Services 

Energy Services

Our Energy Services solutions begin by maximizing the efficiency of a building’s existing systems. We start our process by making sure we understand the system’s design, operation, and maintenance requirements so we can create the right solution that lowers costs and enhances the working environment. Savings opportunities often include the introduction of new energy efficiency technologies.  Examples include:

  • High efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Variable speed pumping, fan, and motor systems
  • Building automation and controls
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Building analytics
  • Energy recovery & free cooling systems
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Turntide Technologies Smart Motor Systems*

*  As a Value-Added Reseller and preferred installation partner of Turntide Technologies Service Logic works directly with end users to implement energy savings projects utilizing Turntide’s patented technology.  View the video below to learn more.

service logic indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality

Service Logic has the experience and technologies to develop and implement a plan for purifying building air.  A comprehensive plan will include evaluation of:

HVAC systems – Are theyoperating properly and providing the right air flow to building spaces?
Ventilation – Should there be an increase in outside air intake?
Humidity Control- What is your humidity level? Viruses are least viable in buildings with humidity between 40% - 60%.
Filtration – Can existing systems support higher MERV rated filters?
Air purifying technologies – Are you currently utilizing a technology? Ionization and UV systems complement filtration by actively purifying the air.

As a National Account Reseller and preferred installation partner of Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) Service Logic works directly with end users to implement IAQ plans utilizing GPS’s patented and UL Certified Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization products.  Click the following link to learn more.

service logic footprint

Nationwide Services

Service Logic’s Strategic Account programs help our clients manage large-scale nationwide portfolios with ease, with all the benefits of a reliable in-house partner. 

  • Latest industry technology to drive efficiency and ensure reliability
  • Portfolio management with a reliable, single point of contact
  • Consistent, preferred pricing based on scale
  • Equipment-agnostic approach, servicing all brands of equipment
  • Detailed, customized reporting with key performance indicators
  • Project assessments, design and installation services
  • Comprehensive automation and mechanical support 
  • Nationwide team of certified energy managers to assess energy use
  • Customizable billing options to suit individual accounting needs

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