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Skyline Design supplies architectural decorative glass, glassboards, smart glass, PDLC film, and PVC-free decorative film products to enhance wayfinding, privacy, cleanability, durability and aesthetics in built environments. Distinguished by its collaborations with renowned artists, photographers, and designers, Skyline Design has been committed to domestic manufacturing and sustainable processes, materials, and techniques since its founding in 1983.

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Skyline Design offers a comprehensive portfolio of architectural and decorative glass solutions for workspaces and facilities. Our offerings include glass for interior and exterior applications, glass dry erase boards, cutting-edge smart glass, retrofit PDLC film, and PVC-free decorative films with a wide variety of patterns to choose from. Skyline Design is available on a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners for nonprofit organizations.

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A recognized innovator in glass manufacturing, Skyline Design uses inventive techniques and processes—such as eco-etching, lamination, digital printing, back-painting, and texturing—to broaden the possibilities of architectural glass and film. This expansion aims to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of spaces dedicated to work, health, and study. Skyline Design offers a diverse and aesthetically pleasing range of standard patterns and sizes and can also bring custom client artwork to life. In every scenario, our skilled staff collaborates closely with clients to ensure their satisfaction and deliver a final product of the highest quality.

Skyline Design glass, including glassboards, is cut and made to order for each distinct project and can be integrated within any architectural product or system, both interior and exterior, whether new-build or retrofit. Skyline Design offers the most advanced glass production capabilities to accommodate any design vision, incorporating a wide range of techniques that allow nearly limitless options between color, pattern, paint, print, etching, texture, transparency, privacy, and so much more.


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