Slalom, Inc.

We help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all.

Slalom is a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. From strategy to implementation, our approach is fiercely human. We help you discover, design, and build tailored solutions for your organization’s challenges and goals. OMNIA Partners and Slalom provide a simple streamlined procurement strategy that delivers cost-saving solutions and a more efficient purchasing process.

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Slalom is a next-generation professional  services company creating value at the intersection of business, technology, and humanity.

By putting people first at every turn, we’ve evolved a consulting experience like no other. Through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract, Slalom delivers next-generation professional  services to participating state and local government agencies, public and private K-12 school districts and higher education institutions nationwide.


How We're Different

We work to deeply understand your “why” and deliver practical, end-to-end solutions. From the best strategists to the most talented engineers and everyone in between, our team members drive actionable results and long-term impact.