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Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems of SLED organizatoins since 2006 by enabling them to accurately discover and classify personal data according to compliance regulations and agency rules, understand the data within the context of government use, and then take actions to protect that data so they can operate with minimal friction and comply with the laws and regulations built to protect the personal data of citizens.

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OMNIA Partners offer Spirion to participants in the public sector. Look no further for any risk associated data discovery services. 


Spirion minimizes the risk associated with faculty, staff, student and citizen information and highly sensitive institutional data through data discovery. We provide accurate visibility into sprawling data repositories allowing public sector institutions and agencies to reduce risk exposure, improve efficiencies by identifying what sensitive data resides where in their organization. Spirion helps to report and inform decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection and privacy legislation, including HIPAA, CMMC, CJIS, PCI-DSS, FERPA, GDPR, and more

With a culmination of 15 years of industry-leading experience, Spirion offers:

  • Visibility into data wherever it lives
  • Unmatched accuracy you can trust
  • Automated workflow control for complex discovery, classification and remediation
  • Identity-centric discovery for fast and accurate SRR response
  • High-powered User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) and Visualization

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Governance Suite
Spirion discovery
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Contract Benefits

  • Find & classify sensitive data on-premises & in the cloud
  • Mitigate risk of data breaches for structured (databases) and unstructured (Word, Excel, PPT, files) data
  • Deploy and start using within a day
  • Strengthen Data Security
  • Prevent, Detect, Respond to data breaches
  • High precision of data discovery
  • Identify Sensitive Data
  • Non-intrusive software solution on premises or in the cloud as a SaaS solution


Case Study

Spirion Automates Data Privacy & Protection at Barry University

Barry University case study

Data Classification Asset

Unify security, privacy and governance with data classification

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Traditionally, enterprises have often relied on vendor-supplied information protection tools. Microsoft, for example, offers Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Azure Information Protection (AIP) to label and classify data within the Microsoft and Azure environment. But today’s enterprises are increasingly adopting a multicloud business strategy and spending as much as 35% more annually on private and public cloud options than in the past. Given that their data will naturally end up living in one or more of those platforms at any given time, agencies are now seeking vendor-agnostic solutions, like Spirion, to help them gain visibility and transparency into their data across systems, platforms, and environments.


Spirion offers solutions that identify both PII and CUI across structured and unstructured data by searching text and images. We can  accurately discover common PII sensitive data types, create custom sensitive data types to search for phrases, words, and acronyms that are indicative of CUI, and enable regular CUI risk assessments with automatic data discovery capabilities and dynamic dashboards. 

DoD contractors can prevent unauthorized/unintended transfers and publication of CUI with the help of a strong solution like Spirion and ensure that their department is CMMC compliant.


CJIS Security Policy is among the most important government regulations, yet compliance is extremely difficult. Maintaining data integrity helps keep the criminal justice system safe, secure, and honest. Understanding where your sensitive CJI lives, how it is collected and used, and if or when it’s shared is vital to remaining compliant.

Spirion can help your agency discover, classify, and remediate sensitive data across your entire IT environment with 98.5% accuracy.

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