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The Better Spaces Pop-Ups feature a limited-time opportunity to experience our expansive range of furnishings and solutions across education, design, technology, and materials to help create places that work better.

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Steelcase is a global design and thought leader in the world of work. For over a century, we have designed, manufactured and partnered with the world’s leading organizations to create furnishings and solutions for the many places where work happens — including learning, health and work from home. Through our research, we deliver insights and design innovation to our customers around the world. Our solutions are brought to life through our Steelcase dealer community, Steelcase store and retail partners. And because we’re dedicated to doing our best work for the places we all share, we come together for people and the planet — using our business to help the world work better.

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Through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Steelcase, and their brands AMQ, Smith System, and Steelcase Learning, offer a variety of office furniture solutions.

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Architecture + Space Division

Architecture + Space Division


Steelcase Learning for Education Spaces

Steelcase Learning

At Steelcase Learning, we’re passionate about helping to create the conditions for lifelong learning. Our research-based foundations in education and active learning spaces enable us to serve all levels of learning. Working with leading schools and organizations, we measure outcomes and use our insights to design human-centered solutions and settings that foster greater wellbeing and engagement in learning. 

In all we do, we focus on engaging minds and activating the spaces that can prepare people to thrive within and beyond the classroom and grow to love learning, always. 

Steelcase Learning Resources

Steelcase_Active Learning Impact and Outcomes Report

Active Learning Report

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Success Story

Unlocking True Potential

Success Story

The Future of School Design

Future of School Design

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Classroom Seating

Classroom Seating

Education Lounge

Classroom Lounge

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Student Tables + Desks

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Classroom Storage

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Whiteboards + Accessories
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Steelcase and our Community of Brands bring together an expansive range of furnishings and solutions to create places that work better. We partner with many of the world’s forward-thinking companies in design, technology, materials, learning and health, to provide seamless chouse and boundless possibility for all the ways people work.

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