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In an industry long overdue for change, Summa Linguae has reinvented how multilingual communications are created. By leveraging data, automation, and human expertise, they build language solutions that help you do more for less – realizing cost savings and greater efficiency with fewer human touch points.

Summa Linguae empowers you to communicate with diverse global audiences more effectively and efficiently than ever before with our innovative multilingual content solutions.

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Summa Linguae Technologies offers OMNIA Partners participants easy and reliable access to interpretation and translations services. Summa Linguae Technologies' cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners is available to any public agency, including state and local government, K-12 school systems, colleges and universities, and more.


Translation & Localization Services 
Tailor-made solutions built around cutting-edge AI technology and linguists who are experts in your vertical and content types

Managed Services
Multilingual staffing and language experts, interpreters, technical experts, localization project managers, consultants, testers and language trainers enable scalability

Data Services
Multilingual image and audio/speech collection services for machine learning models, machine translation engine training and AI

Document Translation
Need a document or some text translated quickly? Click the button below to fill out the form and Summa Linguae will get back to you with a quote shortly.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation
We have access to a wide variety interpreters and languages to help with your communication needs. Please contact us so we can set up a scheduled call for you and your clients.


Localization Whitepaper

Localization Whitepaper

Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

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