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Teknion is a global brand with a local feel, committed to empowering people through design. Our story starts over 30 years ago, and that story is still evolving and challenging what’s possible every day. Teknion is a little bit different—more approachable, more open to collaborative investigation, more focused on the right solution for each client.

At Teknion, we embrace change and its innate possibilities, integrating sustainable principles and practices into the design, manufacturing and marketing of our products. We also make 90% of what we sell! True vertical integration means that we can deliver outstanding overall value, offering the best initial price to buy, maintain and own your new office furnishings.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Teknion offers a variety of furniture and installation solutions.

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Why Choose Teknion

JUST Program

We are proud to share that we have attained our JUST label. The JUST program is a voluntary disclosure tool and transparent third-party platform for us to demonstrate our commitment to social justice and equity issues. It is an assessment of where we are as an organization in six different categories, namely, Diversity and Inclusion, Equity, Employee Health, Employee Benefits, Stewardship and Purchasing and Supply Chain. Within these categories there are 22 specific indicators against which we are scored on a 4-point scale.  JUST allows for continuous improvement with a bi-annual review through the International Living Future Institute (IFLI).

Teknion Just Label

Creative Collaborators

  • We are co-creators with our clients.
  • Every project is a collaboration that leads to a solution aligned with your brand
  • We make what we sell

Culture of Design

Design permeates everything we do. It informs the way we think, the way we communicate and everything we produce: furniture and textiles, graphics and literature, how we serve the design community and even our individual passions. 


Sustainability is a cultural imperative embraced at both the corporate and individual levels. Instead of focusing on doing the least harm, we focus on doing the most good. For more information, you will find our Impact Report located in the Resources section.

Principles of Design

Following design principles refined by our seasoned in-house design team, Teknion crafts purposeful business tools to enable organizations to grow and transform— “future proof” solutions that bring immediate and long-term value.

Global + Local

Teknion combines true global presence with locally nuanced expertise. Well-equipped to serve multi-national and regional companies alike, our worldwide manufacturing and dealer network is represented by local service teams.


We pride ourselves on being accessible, authentic human beings—members of a big company that act like a small company. We are family owned and operated. We designed our company to be agile, responsive and a little bit different, for you.


True vertical integration gives Teknion:

  • the ability to control every element of production
  • reduce costs and ensure prompt delivery
  • free rein to creativity
  • allows for extraordinary custom designs
  • offers exceptional flexibility on how orders are organized around your needs and expectations

Contract Highlights

  • Mid to High end Office Furniture - Private Office & Systems 
  • Higher Education - Classroom and Administration Furniture
  • Seating, Filing, Storage and Ancillary
  • Nationwide Network of Authorized Servicing Dealers
  • Quick Ship Programs
  • Architectural Interiors


Go Further, Go Anywhere

What good is a hackable, mobile office if you're still tethered to outlets and powerbars?

Untethered is a product portfolio of mobile worktools equipped with battery packs to power your phone and laptop through an entire day. Like the ebike which gives you the power to go further and carry more, Untethered can extend your reach, your day, and your office.


Panel Systems

Panel Systems

Desking Systems

Desking Systems

Casegoods/Private Office

Casegoods Private Office



Architectural Interiors

Architectural Interiors



Studio TK

Studio TK is helping to change the culture of work. With our exclusive focus on social applications, we are creating spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work and all that our work demands. From quiet focus to creative collaboration, social spaces are creating a new type of workplace that is improving well-being and increasing productivity across the office.


StudioTk Seating


StudioTk Tables






StudioTk Accessories

Education Program

Architecture and design are critical elements in achieving the academic mission of modern universities. Facility design, including furniture, expresses the institution's brand, reflects the quality of teh educational experience provided–and facilitates or inhibits the learning process. Teknion offers a comprehensive portfolio of furniture products designed to support the goals of modern educational institutions and the learning practices of students across the campus: a solitary student reading at a library desk, a group working in a project room, or a classroom of students engaged in a lively discussion while sharing ideas on laptops and tablets. 

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces

Designed primarily for lectures and discussion, the traditional classroom is still relevant. But today's active and collaborative learning styles also require a physical space that is flexible. Mobile, reconfigurable seating, tables and whiteboard screens allow for quick transitions across a spectrum of conventional and alternative models–including those where technology is leveraged to enhance teaching and leaning. 

Faculty & Staff Spaces

Faculty & Staff Spaces

To address the diverse needs of faculty, administrators and school leaders, academic institutions require a mix of private and shared offices, as well as open work areas, formal meeting rooms and multi-functional spaces. Furnishings must support the focused work of teachers, researchers and staff–and interaction among faculty members or offices–as well as casual or scheduled meetings with students and campus visitors. 

Learning Commons

Learning Commons

Modern acadmic libraries are designed to provide access to services and resources that enrich learning via book collections, digital material and interactive media. The library includes private, quiet spaces to support individual student reading and study, as well as open and enclosed spaces that serve a range of group activities.

Social Spaces

Social Spaces

Student unions, residence halls, performing arts centers and other campus facilities offer access to a wide community of users, accommodating a variety of activities and encompassing diverse types of shared spaces. Common spaces may include student lounges designed for study and for socializing, as well as cafes and coffee bars, lobbies, and in-between spaces furnished to create break-out areas in campus buildings.

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