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Thatcher Group, Inc. is a global leader in chemical manufacturing, distribution, and related services. Their diversification, exemplary service, and customer focus increase the bottom line of the customer through cost effective products and quick response and delivery.

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Thatcher Company offers water treatment chemicals and related products through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract.

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Thatcher Company is a diversified chemical manufacturer and distributor. Thatcher’s ever–broadening product offerings‚ exemplary service and customer focus show the ability to respond to the changing needs of customers and the dynamics of the marketplace. Thatcher operates 11 chemical plants located in 7 states.

Water Treatment Chemicals and Polymers to include:

  • Ammonia, Anhydrous
  • Chlorine
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Ferric Sulfate

Diversity Certification: Thatcher Company, Inc. is a minority owned company with 2/3 of the owners women and further utilizes Tier II diversity suppliers whenever the opportunities allow.

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Ronald Henricksen
Vice President - Sales