The Remi GroupEquipment Maintenance Management Program

Since 1998, Remi has provided comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Management Programs (EMMPs) for states, counties, cities, K-12 systems, colleges and universities, the federal government, healthcare organizations, and commercial businesses.

Remi specializes in providing quality service, technical resources, innovative management systems, and financially secure solutions. Remi does not repair or maintain equipment; however, customers are provided with the tools and support necessary to reduce their maintenance budget while improving equipment performance. Remi replaces numerous full service maintenance agreements with one comprehensive equipment maintenance agreement while allowing its customers to continue utilizing their preferred service vendors. This consolidation results in reduced administrative burdens and substantial savings. Remi has saved its clients more than $132 million on equipment maintenance expenditures.

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In partnership with OMNIA Partners, The Remi Group is offering industry leading equipment maintenance management programs (EMMPs) to nonprofit organizations nationwide.

The Remi Group

Available through OMNIA Partners, The Remi Group offers equipment maintenance management program.

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