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We offer professional hygiene products and services to customers worldwide ranging from restaurants and healthcare facilities to offices, schools and industries. Our products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, napkins, wipers, but also software solutions for data-driven cleaning. Through expertise in hygiene, functional design and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader that supports customers to think ahead so they’re always ready for business. Whenever you need to wipe, dry, clean or polish, we take care of it. Our range of dispensers, refills and services is designed to meet the specific needs of washrooms, industrial environments, kitchens, and dining areas. So you can get on with what really matters in your business.

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Tork offers a comprehensive portfolio of workplace hygiene solutions on a group purchasing program with OMNIA Partners. From dispensers and soap refills to sanitation services, Tork can equip your business space with every solution you need to keep employees and customers safe and healthy. 

Harness the Power of Data-Driven Cleaning

What if you could save 20% of your cleaning hours1 and respond to cleaning and dispenser refill needs before you get complaints? Now you can. The Tork Vision Cleaning solution encompasses all you need to make data-driven cleaning an integrated part of your operations. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Using data to understand when and where there are needs
  • Optimizing your resources and spend time on what is most important
  • Using built-in reporting tools – to demonstrate a job well done and improve ways of working
  • Saving time and creating efficiency on tasks like dispenser checks and avoid unnecessary cleaning
  • Reducing product waste by using data to avoid early refilling

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Better Cleaning Quality for Better Workplace Satisfaction

When it comes to cleaning and hygiene, employee expectations are higher than ever. Yet budget and resources are increasingly squeezed, and employee complaints don’t make life any easier. Complaints are a huge time-drain for those who must respond to them and handle them. 

The Tork Office Hygiene Package™, available through OMNIA Partners, can take pressure off, with products and services that increase efficiency, ensure high cleaning quality across the facility, and are designed to reduce complaints and free up time. The all-inclusive solution provides everything you need – for restrooms, breakrooms, reception and meeting rooms.

Did you know…? 

  • 86% of employees say cleanliness is the most important aspect of a good work environment1 
  • 87% say a clean office restroom makes them feel better cared for and happier at work
  • 67% say they’re more likely to complain about a restroom than any other part of the office1 

Hygiene isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s about employee workplace satisfaction. 

The Tork Office Hygiene Package will help you achieve both. Let Tork and OMNIA Partners help you stay on top of your office hygiene and cleanliness. Click the brochure below to view key solutions and products! 

1 June 2022 Behaviorally – Qualitative and quantitative office segment research with 600+ respondents in North America and Europe

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Featured Products

When you have a lighter cleaning task, like cleaning dust or dirt and a wiping paper is not durable enough, Tork Light-Duty Cleaning Cloth will do the job! The cloths are an economical and better choice giving good value while still offering reusability and absorbency. They are also versatile, offering softness and flexibility to better clean in tight spaces. Suitable for cleaning in all kinds of segments like light industry, aviation, automotive, retail and laboratories.  

  • Soft and flexible, making it easy to clean in hard-to-reach places. 
  • More durable than wiping paper, can be rinsed and reused 
  • Can be used wet or dry to clean dust and dirt 
  • Compatible with most chemical solvents 
  • Economical choice for light duty cleaning tasks 
  • AMS certified for use within Aviation industries, NSF and HACCP certifications for use within Horeca and Food & Beverage industries 

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