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Toter has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of two-wheeled carts for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. Today, Toter is the top-selling cart brand for the curbside collection of waste, recycling, and organics, and in addition to two-wheeled carts, Toter manufactures recycling and organics carts, specialty bins, front-load containers, cart lifters, and more for a variety of markets. In 2007, Toter joined the Wastequip family, the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling and recycling equipment. Also in 2007, Toter was awarded its first cooperative contract with City of Tucson through OMNIA Partners.

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Waste and recycling products, equipment, & solutions are available on a competitively solicted and publicly awarded cooperative contract. Streamline your purchasing process and start saving valuable time and resources. 

Toter and OMNIA Partners

Solutions for Public Agencies

Bear-Tough Carts

Toter’s Bear-Tough Carts are truck-mounted lifters for residential waste and recycling use that can stand up to the toughest of beasts. With a bear-tight lock, double-walled lid and steel reinforced rim, they’re virtually indestructible and inaccessible to bears and other predators. Featuring a locking mechanism to help prevent bears from getting inside, the Bear-Tough Cart is strong enough to withstand repeated clawing and chewing.

Front-End Load Containers

Plastic Dumpsters last up to 3 times longer than steel containers, our plastic FELs are ideal for any area where corrosion is a concern. The rotomolded design provides greater impact resistance than you get with injection-molded plastic dumpster FELs—and the Rugged Rim® design with steel rod reinforcement prevents bowing. They are also heavy-duty, lightweight and leak-proof, making them more reliable than steel containers.

Toter® plastic Front End Load dumpsters are available in 1 cubic yard, 2 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard and 4 cubic yard sizes. 

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Toter Organics

Food waste is one of the largest and fastest growing components of the waste stream, and Toter offers a systems-based solution for its safe collection, transport and storage. Our specially designed carts and containers make collecting, transporting and storing heavy, wet organic waste safe and easy. That means you can reduce waste disposal costs and support your sustainability efforts at the same time.

Click the flyer to learn how Toter is tipping the scale to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for food disposables.

Green - No Matter What Color You Choose

With the industry's lowest warranty claim rate, Toter carts are virtually maintenance-free.

Reduced Material Consumption
Compared to other carts, each 96-gallon Toter cart is manufactured with up to five fewer pounds of plastic.

Longest Service Life
Toter offers a 15- to 20+ year active service life, compared to a 10-year service life for injection-molded carts. Toter carts are manufactured with a stress-free, Advanced Rotational Molding™ process using medium density polyethylene (MDPE), giving Toter carts a superior strength-to-weight ratio when compared to injection-molded carts containing high density polyethylene (and high residual stress). 

Recycled Content
Toter carts are manufactured with up to 50% recycled content.

Reduced Fuel Costs & Lower Emissions
With a 0.2% warranty claim rate—the industry’s lowest, by the way—Toter carts are virtually maintenance-free. Toter’s lower annual failure rate reduces the number of repairs and replacement trips. And because Toter carts nest, service providers can deliver up to three times more carts per trip.

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