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Tradition Energy is the nation’s largest independent energy procurement and sustainability solutions consultant. We are the trusted advisor to more than 1,300 commercial, industrial and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities.

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Tradition Energy and OMNIA Partners deliver cost-saving solutions, so you don't have to lift a finger. Members of OMNIA Partners can utilize Tradition Energy's energy consulting and management services as an extension of your procurement team, to minimize energy spend and drive speed to savings. 

Benefits of Partnering with Tradition Energy

Our experience includes managing more than 116 billion kilowatt-hours in energy usage and over $130 billion in energy spend.  Over 1,300 large commercial, industrial, and governmental clients partner with us to manage their energy expenditures and implement sustainability strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

As an unbiased advisor, we are an extension of your procurement team and your advocate working to minimize your energy expenditures. We are not, nor are we part of, an energy supplier, demand response (DR) provider, demand-side management provider, or energy technology services provider.  We do not trade energy nor take the title to energy.  Tradition operates solely as a neutral intermediary safeguarding the best interests of our clients.  

When you leverage the partnership between Tradition Energy and OMNIA Partners, you gain access to a comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions, including:

  • Market Research & Intelligence: Our unique wholesale energy market presence results in more timely responses to market conditions and price changes and leads to savings opportunities for members.
  • Strategic Risk Management: Tradition works with you to identify the factors and risks that impact financial results and energy procurement decisions and recommend pricing options and implementation strategies specific to your organization’s objectives.
  • Energy Procurement & Supply Management: Currently, 92 electricity, natural gas, and sustainability suppliers compete for our client’s business via Tradition’s proprietary online pricing system, TEPS.
  • Sustainability: We advise clients on various renewable strategies, including ON- and OFFsite solar power projects, OFFsite solar and wind power via community net metering and long-term renewable power purchasing agreements (PPAs & VPPAs), and fuel cells, as well as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other emissions allowances credits.
  • Bill Processing & Payment: These services allow you to reduce overhead costs by outsourcing everything from mail handling to bill auditing, expediting late notices and eliminating fees, to data feeds and compliance with proprietary client systems and finance standards.
  • Tariff Rate & Tax Analysis: Tradition identifies costly utility billing errors and recovers overpayments from past invoices and ongoing expenditures related to more appropriate delivery tariffs or tax exemptions.
  • Data Management & Reporting: Tradition offers a data management and reporting service that is invoice-driven and tracks usage, cost, and carbon, and includes budgeting, forecasting, and performance monitoring tools.
  • Demand Response (DR): If you can shed load on demand or have backup generation, we can assist with procuring a Demand Response program and either improve the current revenue stream from an existing DR program or create a new one.
  • Client Services:  Tradition manages post-procurement activities, which include enrollment monitoring and assistance in helping to resolve billing or service issues should they arise with applicable suppliers and utilities.
  • Communications:  Tradition engages in ongoing regular communications with clients to discuss energy and sustainability market price trends, additional cost control and reduction opportunities, or other changes that may impact current agreements.

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