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Traffic Control Products and Solutions

As an industry-leading innovator, TAPCO manufactures and distributes a wide portfolio of traffic and parking safety solutions designed to increase safe travels for all. Since 1956, we have set the standard for delivering reliable, cutting-edge traffic safety enhancements. From our world-renowned line of LED-enhanced BlinkerSign® solutions to our pedestrian crossing products and early detection warning systems, safety is at the heart of all TAPCO innovations.

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OMNIA Partners & TAPCO are proud to partner on a competitively solicted and publicly awarded cooperative contract to offer public organizations a variety of traffic control products and safety solutions. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As global electric vehicle (EV) purchases skyrocket, the need for EV charging stations at parking facilities, airports, workplaces, schools, parks and more skyrockets as well. Address this need with cost-effective EV charging stations, manufactured by Blink Charging Co. and distributed by TAPCO, through a cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners. 

Traffic Control Solutions

We understand your main goal is to increase traffic safety and mobility in your community. By leveraging a cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, public agencies have access to a comprehensive portfolio of traffic control solutions and safety signage and products for your community's unique needs. 

Flashing Alert Solutions

In addition to a huge variety of standard and custom static signs, we offer flashing beacons and signs featuring high-intensity LEDs that automatically adjust their brightness throughout the day.

Driver Awareness Solutions

With TAPCO, you can save lives by catching drivers' attention and alerting them of danger ahead in a variety of settings such as wrong-way alert solutions, curve warning solutions, speed awareness solutions, and overheight warning solutions.

Safety Solutions

Specialty Warning Solutions

Robust warning solutions tailored to specific traffic safety applications provide drivers with precious time to prepare and react.

  • Emergency Vehicle Warning System are ideal for roadways with visibility challenges, such as broad curves and hidden driveways.
  • High Water Warning System detects rising water levels and activates warning alerts for approaching drivers.
  • Icy Road Warning System warns drivers in real time when conditions are favorable for icy roads ahead, especially on sharp curves and elevated bridges, so they can slow down and prevent dangerous crashes. 

Work Zone Awareness Solutions

Increase driver awareness where it matters most with highly visible work zone safety solutions that guide drivers through unfamiliar road configurations. These solutions are ideal for roadside work zones, rural highway projects and new development construction.

Pedestrian Safety Solutions

  • The BlinkerBeacon™ and BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems use flashing light beacons to provide motorists with real-time warning of pedestrians are in or about to enter an approaching crosswalk. This popular, MUTCD-compliant option heightens driver awareness in a variety of applications such as school zone crossings, multi-lane uncontrolled crossings and high-speed pedestrian crossings.
  • In-Road Warning Lights alert motorists of pedestrians actively crossing the street by flashing amber LED lights embedded in the pavement on both sides of the crosswalk.
  •  The SafeWalk™ Crosswalk Illuminator, a simple safety enhancement for TAPCO Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems that uses unique dual-light technology, drastically increases pedestrian visibility at poorly lit, two-lane crossings.
  • School Zone Speed Limit Warning Alerts provide added attention to posted school zone speed limit signs upon activating BlinkerSign® or BlinkerBeacon™ LEDs.
  • Driver Feedback Signs are a unique solution that combines attention-grabbing LED-enhanced warning alerts with proven speed reducing driver feedback signs.
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Service Agreements

Managing traffic safety systems extends beyond procurement and installation. The right preventative maintenance plan is required to optimize system performance and lifespan. However, finding the technical resources to routinely conduct this maintenance can be difficult. Fortunately, once your traffic safety system is installed, TAPCO's expert service technicians and industry-leading asset management software take care of the rest. We perform standard preventative maintenance services and provide warranty extensions so you can set it and forget it.

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