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TransImpact is a supply chain technology firm specializing in Parcel Spend Management and Supply Chain Planning. We are relentless in driving bottom-line impact and turning our clients into raving fans. Parcel experts from the start, we have the best decision intelligence technology and the most experienced team to negotiate the strongest parcel discounts available. Avercast, our supply chain planning brand, provides an industry-leading 280+ forecast models with unparalleled business intelligence analytics.

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TransImpact is an industry leader in end-to-end technology-based supply chain solutions that optimize operations, create efficiencies, and improve margins to transform the business performance for members of OMNIA Partners. Discover how you can start saving by leveraging group purchasing.

NOW AVAILABLE: 2024 GRI Comparison Report

The 2024 Genral Rate Increase Comparison Report is now available to members of OMNIA Partners! With companies already seeing the GRI effects on their budget and operations, now is the time to review how you can take advantage of the general rate increase, and maybe eliminate unnecessary costs for your bottom line. 

We evaluated and provided key highlights that you should be cautious about, but be sure to read through the full report to really understand what it means for your business. 

Click on the banner to the right to view the report.

BONUS: Request a free, no-obligation analysis of your current parcel shipping costs and how the GRI will affect it by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

2024 GRI Comparison Report
TransImpact Parcel Shipping

Parcel Spend Management

TransImpact’s Parcel Solutions help you find ways to reduce costs and transform parcel shipping into a business advantage. By combining forward-looking decision-making technology and unparalleled market expertise, we empower clients to improve efficiencies and give you the analytics to think ahead and stay ahead of the game.

  • Over $1 Billion in savings for our clients
  • We find shipping savings 100% of the time
  • Average client savings 23.6%

Parcel SaaS Products

Our forward-thinking parcel SaaS solutions lead the industry, empowering shippers through greater awareness. Consolidated dashboards are designed so you can easily drill down into parcel data to identify changes for cost categories over time. Control your inventory, weed out offending shipments, and quickly check your expected discounts and incentives for accuracy.

TransImpact Managed Logistics OMNIA Partners

Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain optimization has never been more important. The past two years have proven that. And to stay on top of your supply chain, to be able to optimize, minimize risks, and maximize profits, it takes data. With TransImpact’s Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning products, your company gains the finest forecasting and demand planning solutions in the world. Each of our products can be hand tailored to fit your business, your ERP, and your reporting requirements.

Over the years, global brands have entrusted the Avercast, a TransImpact Company, Demand Planning & Forecasting software to make faster supply chain planning decisions. With over 280+ separate forecasting algorithms, formulas, and models, Avercast can address each client’s unique and specific

demand planning needs. Avercast factors in trends, seasonality, promotions, events, lost sales and rapidly generates the numbers to empower the forecasting of any data set, at any level of hierarchy, and then quickly perform expert level forecasts and “what-if” scenarios up to 5 years into the future.

In addition, Avercast is fully equipped with dynamic supply chain business intelligence reporting that increases visibility across the entire landscape of the business. Customizable dashboards and interactive reporting help provide insights that allow companies to operate more efficiently on lower, more accurate inventory levels and have proactive control over their supply chain.

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