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Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance and our affiliated construction services company Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. (WTI) provide industry-leading roofing and building envelope solutions.  With a focus on improving long-term performance and ROI, our comprehensive material and service capabilities include world-class diagnostics, industry-leading restoration systems and unique roof management programs to maximize return on investment. Our mission has been the same since 1928 – keeping our customers’ buildings dry, safe, comfortable and sustainable. And we deliver. 

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Our roof restoration systems enable participants of OMNIA Partners to restore many types of roofing systems versus replacing them, potentially saving millions of dollars. Tremco's unique Roof Management Programs take a holistic approach to managing roof inventory, so you can understand the condition of every roof under your care, establish priorities and spend your money wisely for the best ROI and building performance. 


Indoor Air Quality

How to Prioritize School Indoor Air Quality: Get the Answer Book

Prioritizing indoor air quality in schools is not just a matter of compliance, it’s an investment in the health and academic performance of students and staff. Experts from Tremco Roofing and WTI | Pure Air Control Services have compiled this “answer book” to address commonly asked questions about indoor air quality, including: 

  • What does the EPA say about indoor air quality? 
  • How do I evaluate indoor air quality in my facilities? 
  • What areas are prone to mold growth and what can be done to prevent it?  
  • What role does HVAC play in indoor air quality?  
  • How does the building envelope impact indoor air quality?  
  • What indoor air quality best practices should schools implement?  

By taking a proactive approach, facility managers can ensure that their school buildings are well-prepared with optimal indoor air quality and a healthy and functioning HVAC system.  

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Is Your Roof a Good Candidate for Restoration?

Find Out If Your Roof Is a Good Candidate for Restoration

Not every failing roof needs to be replaced. With today’s advanced restoration technologies, old and failing roofs can often be saved if they meet certain construction and condition criteria.

Learn about the benefits of roof restoration versus replacement:

  • Installation is typically faster and easier, requiring less labor
  • Much less disruptive to building occupants than total roof replacement
  • Restoration reduces landfill waste, which helps the environment
  • Potentially significant savings compared to typical roof replacement costs
  • The industry’s best restoration solutions include low-odor and no-odor systems, which make restoration a viable solution for even the most sensitive environments
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12 Steps to ROI-Driven Roof Asset Management

Together, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance and our affiliated construction services company WTI do more than just help keep buildings dry, safe and sustainable. Our goal is to help you maximize the return on your facility investment through project planning, firm budgeting, and reducing costs while establishing ongoing maintenance and using the highest quality products to eliminate surprises. OMNIA Partners is happy to promote this contract to it's members for public sector roof restoration.

Click the flyer to learn more! 

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High Performance Roofing and Building Envelope and Exterior Surfacing Solutions

Tremco and WTI are proud to offer superior roofing products and services to public agencies and educational institutions nationwide through our cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners. We’ve worked with public agencies across the country for decades and understand your operational needs and budget challenges. And because your goals are our goals, we continually advance our own capabilities to offer a suite of solutions as customizable as they are turnkey.

Tremco is proud to offer the following to public agencies:

  • Product Innovation 
  • Diagnostics, Maintenance & Repair 
  • Roof Management Programs 
  • General Contracting Services 
  • High Performance Building Solutions
  • Building Envelopeair Ceiling 
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Sustainability 
  • Best in Class Contractors 
  • National Cooperative Contractor Network 
  • Insulated Exterior Cladding Systems 
  • Paving & Parking Garage Solutions 
  • Window Systems, Repair & Sealants 
  • Concrete & Masonry 
  • Flooring Options

Work with Your Preferred Local Contractors Through the National Cooperative Contractor Network

The National Cooperative Contractor Network, administered by Tremco Roofing, was established to meet the needs of public entity procurement managers without sacrificing the quality and reliability of construction products and installation services.  Where applicable, schools, colleges, local governments and non-profits can award roofing and weatherproofing work to qualified and trusted local contractors who are members of the Contractor Network.

“In-Network Contractors” are prequalified and follow the competitive pricing offered through the publicly awarded and competitively solicited contract available through OMNIA Partners.

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Public Market Sector Coordinator