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Labor is the costliest and most controllable expense for an organization. Many transactional aspects of managing the workforce are a great start for increased efficiency. UKG provides automation to highly repetitive processes including time & attendance, absence management, and scheduling that any workforce can benefit from. 

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Available through OMNIA Partners, UKG offers human capital management and workforce management solutions to participating public sector agencies.

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UKG & OMNIA Partners

UKG Solutions for Public Sector

UKG for State and Local Government solutions focus on optimizing your most important asset: your people. Because happy and engaged employees deliver excellent service — resulting in happy and engaged citizens.

  • Streamline hiring and retain and engage top talent with solutions that support their work and well-being and inspire them to bring that positive energy to citizen interactions.
  • Reduce compliance risk by ensuring all employees are supported by fair and equitable enforcement of labor laws, policies, and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Gain control of labor costs and make better organizational decisions through real-time visibility into human capital and workforce data.

UKG for Higher Education solutions help you get more from your resources while maintaining academic excellence.

  • Manage all HR and workforce management needs in one unified system — and augment and integrate with existing ERPs.
  • Improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk by applying user-defined pay and work rules for professional, union, and student workforces.
  • Support employee work and well-being with solutions that simplify hiring and help retain and engage employees to create a positive culture that facilitates better student interactions.

UKG for K-12 solutions help you optimize your resources for the students and services that need it most to promote academic excellence in your district.

  • Streamline management of district employees with self-service timekeeping, scheduling, talent, onboarding, and attendance tools in one solution.
  • Reduce compliance risk and improve payroll accuracy by applying user-defined pay and labor laws for grant requirements and unions.
  • Ensure employee work and well-being are supported to help propel you forward as a destination district.

UKG for Public Sector: Human Capital Management

To stay competitive, public sector organizations must offer their employees an engaging work experience and greater control over their work-life balance. Learn how UKG HCM solutions automate HR functions and help enhance the employee experience from pre-hire to retire.

  • Provides a single database for all employee information and automated tools that streamline processes and boost employee engagement.
  • HR can quickly onboard new hires and optimize engagement and performance, simplify benefits management, and reduce compliance risk through automated updates.
  • Employees can complete onboarding forms via mobile, self-enroll in benefits, and gain easy access to training and performance feedback.

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UKG for Public Sector: Workforce Management

From time and attendance and leave to advanced scheduling solutions, mobile functionality, advanced analytics, and compliance, intelligent UKG workforce management provides operational insights and elevates your greatest driver of success: your people.

  • Extensible platform connects seamlessly with your other systems and applications
  • AI-powered scheduling recommendations guide people managers toward better decisions that help manage labor costs
  • Mobile app enhances employee engagement and streamlines processes

UKG for Public Safety Scheduling

With UKG for Public Safety Scheduling, command-level staff spends less time on administrative tasks and more time protecting citizens, fighting crime, and training officers. Our automated, rules-based scheduling and integrated communications solution helps Police, Corrections, Fire, and EMS departments control overtime costs, create 24/7 schedules, send rapid notifications, and deploy quickly — all in a single platform.

  • Automatically build and maintain optimal, best-fit schedules with multiple shifts fairly and equitably while adhering to all union mandates, HR policies, and agency rules.
  • Empower employees with access and transparency to calendars, time-off requests, sign-ups, shift trades, and picklists.
  • Communicate updates and other messages to your workforce on the fly and deploy resources more quickly and easily by eliminating manual calling — all from your mobile device.


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