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UNICOM Government, Inc. (UGI), formerly GTSI Corp., is an information technology solutions and services provider and has held a contract with OMNIA Partners since 2003. The cooperative contract provides access to UGI’s extensive IT partner network and information technology solutions, such as consulting, assessment, design, engineering, project management, support, and financial services.

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Through OMNIA Partners, UNICOM Government (formerly GTSI) is responding to the business challenges of state and local government agencies with solutions that provide a wide breadth of technology products and professional services on a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract.

Cloud Computing

UNICOM Government provides private cloud solutions, such as the Microsoft Azure Stack, that give customers the options and flexibility of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), virtualization, software defined networking (SDN),  and software defined storage (SDS)- all of which use DevoOps methods and tools to automate deployment.  This level of agility and innovation for on-premise environments accelerates cloud adoption.

Microsoft Azure Stack was carefully designed to offer truly consistent cloud services when and where you need them—whether that is on land, at sea, or airborne. Microsoft Azure Stack can be configured to operate connected to the internet or completely disconnected providing maximum flexibility in the use of the platform. This also allows for unique and unforeseen use cases. It is the only cloud computing platform to offer this flexibility of use, while maintaining application and operational consistency with the public cloud.

Public Safety

The importance of a complete public safety solution cannot be overstated. It’s become abundantly clear that ensuring the safety and security of people, infrastructures, and key assets is a critical issue that demands serious attention. This holds true for all organizations, regardless of size, sector, or geographical location.

The UGI array of solutions were developed to enable governments and organizations at every level to seamlessly integrate individual components into a complete consolidated view of the security infrastructure to effectively implement defense strategies. Whether it’s video surveillance, analytics, access control, intrusion detection, video management systems, security operations centers, or video storage technologies, each solution is designed, deployed, managed, and supported by UNICOM Government’s physical security experts.

The UNICOM Government public safety components include:

  • Video analytics for evaluating the contents of video for specific data, behaviors, or events
  • Access control technologies enabling authorities to allow or deny access to physical facilities
  • Sonar and radar remote sensing systems for detection and identification
  • Command and control centers for centralized coordination of security efforts
  • Intrusion detection to monitor facilities for malicious activities
  • Mobile video solutions for gathering evidence for law enforcement agencies
  • Video surveillance, with IP-based and wireless systems for crime deterrence and incident verification
  • Perimeter security to prevent unauthorized access 
  • Biometrics for positively identifying users and digitally recording presence
  • Video management systems for precise control of resources
  • Storage systems for secure storage, access, and retrieval of data 

Cyber Security

UNICOM Government provides governments at every level with the resources and services necessary to protect networks, data, users, applications, and endpoints.  From micro-segment application access to unifying user identity management and single sign-on [SSO and SIM], encryption, replicating and recovering data to managing mobile apps and devices, UNICOM Government delivers.

Potential security threats, exposures and attacks lurk everywhere, seeking deep disruptions in IT that can temporarily debilitate the ability to continue operating with no break in service.  With malware, DDoS and access controls; data Loss Prevention (DLP); and security information events, UNICOM Government provides the resources and expertise required to thwart threats.

In addition, UNICOM Government’s cyber experts hold hundreds of industry recognized certifications.  Moreover, the company is a Cisco Gold Partner and pursues solutions with a variety of IT leaders, including Dell, RSA, Gigamon, Symantec, McAfee and F5.

Unified Communications

In today's work-anywhere world, agencies need new communications capabilities to accommodate expanding telework policies and multiplying worksites. UNICOM Government's communication solutions are designed to improve collaboration and worker productivity.

By converging voice, data, and video communications into a single secure IP-based network, the Unified Communications solution provides enterprise-grade IP capabilities to achieve mission-critical objectives, collaboration requirements, and budget goals.

From traditional desk phones to the latest IP-based communications solutions, UNICOM Government's on-premise and cloud-based solutions offer scalability, security, redundancy, and real-time network management to improve employee productivity, reduce travel costs, and minimize carbon footprints. Our technology lifecycle management approach includes analysis, design, implementation, management training, and financial services.

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