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For more than 25 years, UDT has helped organizations accomplish more through a comprehensive, relationship-based approach to technology. We help clients meet opportunities and challenges head on by providing the expertise, best-in-class solutions, and an unbending commitment to service, value, and integrity. Our purpose and passion is to radically energize our clients’ performance, mitigate their technology risk and speed time to value. We exist to create seamless experiences and competitive advantages for enterprises investing in their future.

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In partnership with OMNIA Partners, UDT is proud to offer a wide array of digital solutions to public agencies. UDT is a technology firm built by uniting the experience and capabilities of several partners and companies to become one.

United Data Technologies Offerings:

  • Endpoint Solution Services provide end-to-end asset solutions to configure, warehouse, manage, track, and support your assets in a complete and seamless asset management solution
  • Asset Tracking & Management System (ATMS) designed to manage your assets
  • Custom asset support options to fit your unique needs
  • Device as a Service (DaaS) options to manage your refresh strategy
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) is a safeguarded location in which our experts work to monitor all customer devices, track activity and handle issues in real time. 
  • Through our team of highly trained security professionals and our advanced techniques of attack correlation and threat intelligence, UDTSecure provides around the clock vigilance of malicious activity on customer networks and turns technology noise into actionable events.

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