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UNX is a privately owned, independently operated company that is a uniquely specialized Technical Consultant company providing expert operational, innovative chemical and procedural programs to Professional Food Service, Housekeeping and Laundry operations…Selling Quality and Confidence!

Since 1958, UNX has set the standard by leading the way in various technological developments in the markets it serves, from revolutionary surfactant (detergents) technology to breakthroughs in enzyme cleaning products—and the innovation continues.

UNX is resolved to remain in the forefront of a fast changing and hard charging world of commercial laundry, housekeeping and warewashing markets. Our highly trained Territory Managers are committed and focused on providing customer driven solutions for the customers they serve. It is the quality products and level of service that sets UNX apart and brings value to each customer WE serve. UNX—a Families company providing Hometown service with National support!

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UNX and OMNIA Partners offer Government Programs that are problem-driven and crafted to each facility. Products are recommended based on different load formulas, linen types, water conditions, and overall facility needs. 

The Education offerings are geared to solve your unique problems. Whether it is stubborn soils on those athletic uniforms, soils on table linen from an academic function, or difficulty cleaning those pots and pans in the kitchen UNX can help you ensure your students are protected against numerous pathogens.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, UNX Industries Laundry offer ware wash chemicals & related products & services.

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