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OMNIA Partners is proud to partner with U.S. Bank. When organizations choose the commercial card program through OMNIA Partners, they'll receive savings and value and provide a solution that can be quickly implemented. To explore the solutions through this cooperative contract with U.S. Bank, click the buttons below.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, U.S. Bank offers the commercial card program to public sector agencies.

U.S. Bank Solutions

Corporate Travel Cards

Corporate travel cards are designed to pay for employee travel expenses, including plane tickets, car rentals and meals. These cards are issued with travel-related benefits such as travel accident insurance, auto rental collision damage waiver and travel assistance services. They may be issued with purchase controls, such as transaction limits and merchant category code (MCC) restrictions, to ensure that purchases are made in accordance with corporate travel policy.


  • Broad geographic coverage and worldwide acceptance with no annual fees.
  • Multi-national programs with local currency capabilities in more than 50 countries, USD cross-border capabilities, and direct issuance capability in Europe (British Pound Sterling, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Hungarian Forint, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc).
  • Comprehensive and accurate transaction capture, data reporting, compliance, simplified management and worldwide support and acceptance — all with a single, local point of contact.
  • Automatic travel insurance and assistance plus liability waiver protection.
  • Flexible spending controls and comprehensive spend data.
  • No cost web-based program management tools included (Access Online and Payment Analytics).
  • The Access Online Mobile app for Apple™ and Android™ devices gives you anytime access to your account, so you can quickly manage and stay on top of your business expenses.
Corporate Travel Card


  • Leverages advanced EMV technologies (chip card), enabling employees to quickly and easily pay for travel anywhere in the world.
  • Integrates with client financial systems.
  • Provides unsurpassed global acceptance via the MasterCard® or Visa® networks.
  • Gives employees peace-of-mind and added security while traveling with complete travel coverage and provides $100,000 protection, per cardholder, for fraudulent use or misuse of the card by employees.
  • Reduces out-of-policy spending and improves compliance with payment policies and provides greater overall control and visibility.
  • Improves administration of card program with easy-to-use online reporting and program management tools.
  • Ensures the highest levels of data integrity and spend consolidation to negotiate better supplier terms and pricing.
  • Mobile tools can encourage good account management – and reduce the number of inquiries program administrators receive every day.

To learn more about Corporate Travel Cards, please click here.

Purchasing Cards

Purchasing cards can significantly reduce the time and cost of paying for a variety of business-to-business goods and services. Originally designed to pay for small (typically less than $5,000), yet frequently purchased items such as maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) goods, purchasing cards are now also used for larger, more strategic purchases since they are an effective, cost-saving alternative to initiating a check request or purchase requisition.

These cards offer critical transaction data that assists organizations in negotiating with vendors, tracking spending, driving savings to the bottom line and ensuring spending is consistent with policy. They can be integrated into client financial systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms (e.g., Oracle or SAP) and embedded into eProcurement solutions (e.g., Ariba or SciQuest).

The U.S. Bank Purchasing Card includes no-cost web-based program management tools including Access Online, which provides account set up and maintenance, transaction management, reporting and data extracts, and Payment Analytics, which detects and mitigates employee misuse and out of policy spending through transaction monitoring and alerts. In addition, the Purchasing Card can be a stand-alone payment program or used with virtual payment for greater control and program expansion.

Purchasing Cards

Features & Benefits

  • Boosts efficiency and decreases costs.
  • Manages where cards are used and provides clients with the ability to block misuse and abuse at the point of sale through flexible card controls (e.g., transaction limits, merchant category code (MCC) blocking).
  • Reduces purchase orders and other paper-based processes.
  • Maximizes investments into existing procure-to-pay systems and processes.
  • Enhances revenue sharing opportunities as program(s) grow.
  • Facilitates identification and development of strategic supplier alliances.
  • Gives unparalleled purchasing access worldwide without burden of fees.​
  • The Access Online Mobile app for Apple™ and Android™ devices gives you anytime access to your account, so you can quickly manage and stay on top of your business expenses. Mobile tools can encourage good account management – and reduce the number of inquiries program administrators receive every day.

To learn more about Purchasing Cards, please click here.

Virtual Pay

Virtual Pay is the product name of the virtual payment solution offered by CPS. Virtual Pay is delivered through Access® Online.

What is a “virtual payment”?

A virtual payment is a commercial card payment made with a unique 16-digit card number that can be assigned to a specific transaction or to an individual supplier. Unlike traditional commercial cards, the number is not associated with a physical plastic card or an individual card holder. Virtual card payments are generated through a payment management system (Access Online) and electronically transmitted to suppliers. Account numbers can only be used within client defined parameters that dictate payee, amount and time frame, providing a higher degree of control and security than other payment methods.

Why use virtual payment?

Traditional commercial cards are typically used for low-value purchases that don’t require advance approval, and for employee T&E expenses. They are not appropriate for higher value goods and services that require approval of purchase orders or other documentation prior to payment being made. These higher-value purchases have traditionally been paid by check, wire or ACH because they require more stringent controls.

To learn more about Virtual Pay, please click here.

US Bank Virtual Pay

Features & Benefits

  • Enhances Cash Flow & Working Capital
    • Extends DPO beyond 30 days
    • Provides control of payment timing
  • Creates New Revenue Opportunity           
    • A no cost payment method that generates rebate revenue.
  • Increases Process Efficiencies    
    • Automation allows employees to perform tasks more quickly and accurately and provides faster access to information needed to complete tasks.
  • Reduces Cost     
    • Eliminates cost of issuing check payments and dealing with lost and duplicate checks and check fraud
  • Simplifies Reconciliation
    • Card number serves as a unique payment identifier and payments contains extensive remittance detail
    • Payments are made for exact amount
    • Buyer controls payment timing
    • Payment information is electronic vs paper-based
  • Reduces Purchase-to-Pay Cycle Time       
    • Buyer makes one monthly payment to U.S. Bank vs hundreds of small-dollar payments to many different suppliers.
  • Improves Supplier Relations        
    • Suppliers receive payment in days vs weeks
    • Payments contain complete remittance detail which simplifies the supplier’s reconciliation process
  • Reduces Fraud Risk          
    • Eliminates exposure to check fraud.
    • Makes payment via a highly visible, highly secure method.
    • Accounts are set to a specific supplier, date range and payment amount and require buyer’s approval
  • Produces High Degree of Visibility             
    • Highly detailed payment data enhances:
      • Spend tracking and forecasting
      • Regulatory compliance
      • Supplier negotiations 

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