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Customers across the United States enjoy a competitive edge when partnering with U.S. Oil to develop creative and sometimes unconventional solutions to solving problems. At U.S. Oil, we understand how volatile fuel supply prices create uncertainty in your business. Through years of experience in trading and risk management, we have developed a deep understanding of market structure, value drivers, and risk management tools needed to put the control of fuel pricing back in your hands.

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U.S. Oil, a U.S. Venture company, was awarded a national cooperative contract for Motor and Aviation Fuels and Related Services.

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U.S. Oil Solutions

Bulk fuel purchases only, including:

  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Unleaded (all octane levels)
  • Ethanol Blends 
  • Diesel (all grades)
  • Bio-Diesel Blends
  • Aviation Fuel

Specialty Programs:

  • Retail Margin Enhancement Programs
  • Flexible Pricing Programs
  • Fleet Cards/Credit Cards
  • Gas Perks

Contact Information

Phillip Childers III (Corky)
 800-316-6148, ext. 233

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