VADE GroupCurb Management Technology

We help cities manage curb space by measuring how it’s used with wireless cameras and computer vision, providing an end-to-end solution that includes hardware, installation, maintenance, software, and consulting in one subscription package. With real-time occupancy data at the core, our platform gives cities total insight into when curb space is used, where vehicles are utilizing the curb, how long they are staying, and what kind of vehicles are using it. This combines to partnership with us providing two powerful outcomes:

  • (1) Building better physical curbs by meeting demand where it’s at, and removing it where it isn’t;
  • (2) Building & bettering curb programs to optimize the physical curb digitally, with programs like Automated Enforcement, PayByStay (billing from the moment a user touches the curb), and more efficient routing for fleets all enabled by our infrastructure.

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