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When it comes to the leader in providing Elevator Consulting Services, look no further than vda®. We are a full-service provider with new construction, modernization, and maintenance service capabilities.

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VDA offers comprehensive in-house design and engineering consulting services for elevators, escalators and virtually all types of vertical transportation equipment, all in partnership with OMNIA Partners.

VDA & OMNIA Partners

VDA: Elevator Consultants

We have a vast pool of knowledgeable professionals who have worked for all the major vendors in the industry. vda® is confident that given our diverse experience and wealth of knowledge we can provide the most suitable and effective solutions to your vertical transportation needs. To learn how vda® can help you on your next project visit our services page and contact us today at the branch office nearest you.

Our Goal

Respond to the client’s vertical transportation needs in a timely and professional manner and provide our consulting services for the vertical transportation systems with the appropriate recommendations for short and long-term safety and efficient operation. Our consultants are continually up to date on new technology, manufacturers, regulations and design trends. We ensure your project planning will go smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a building that meets everyone’s diverse standards, regardless of the scope or work and the services being provided. vda® is confident that given our experience, resources, and personnel who are willing and able to fulfill the needs of our clients, will result in a successful solution on any project.

Existing Equipment and Modernization Services

Elevator/Escalator Modernization – Keeping up with technological advancement, local building code requirements, tenant demands and trying most importantly to stay ahead of the life cycle for elevator/escalator equipment, a modernization program will provide a prudent long term investment strategy to support capital expenditure planning. The typical life expectancy of an elevator or escalator is between 20-25 years. This number can vary depending on the building, equipment’s utilization, equipment type, the surrounding environment and many other factors. Inevitably, there will come a time when this equipment will need to be modernized. A modernization program can be holistic in nature or in part dependent upon the investment term and overall expectancy of equipment sustainability. Improving overall performance and traffic handling capacities through a modernization program will increase a building’s value with a nice return on investment. vda® can complete the necessary steps with expertise in order to provide the most intelligent and cost effective modernization program to suit your buildings needs and tenant expectations. vda®’s phased approach starts with providing a complete assessment of equipment’s current condition followed by our expertise through reporting which will outline the most cost-effective options that will align with the owner’s investment strategy. Finally, completing a technical specification customized to the building and its equipment profile will bring peace of mind and a best in class end-user experience. With branch offices existing in most major markets, vda® is a step away from providing our clients with the expert recommendations they need.

Services Include 

  • Survey of Existing Equipment
  • A thorough report of our findings and recommendations for Modernization or Upgrading of Components With Cost Estimates
  • On-Site and/or Theoretical Traffic Analysis
  • Contract Documents
  • Contractor Prequalification
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Progress Visits, Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance And Close-Out

Inspection Services

vda® provides a variety of Inspection Services that enable our clients to maintain the safety and operation of the equipment serving their building. These inspections include.

Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation (QCE) – This program provides professional evaluation of the level of maintenance being performed on a building’s elevators and vertical transportation equipment. For some clients, the firm performs these audits annually although many building owners and managers prefer semi-annual or quarterly evaluation. A QCE is typically performed when the client notifies vda® that the elevators are not performing to their satisfaction. If the elevator equipment is under ten (10) years old, then we should suggest a QCE be performed. The purpose of this inspection is to find any potential maintenance related issues that need to be addressed, which would be causing the elevators to be performing unsatisfactorily. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will issue a report with our findings and an overview of the equipment, any code related issues found and immediate/short/long term recommendations. Equipment over ten years of age is getting to the point where certain upgrades may and should be considered. (Door operators, signal fixtures) At that point we should direct the client to another product of ours, the Survey and Report

Due Diligence – This product is typically provided when a building is being refinanced or sold. Banks and potential buyers need to know the status of the building and the existing elevators and/or vertical transportation equipment to either negotiate a better purchase price or to see what capital will be needed to be spent in the short term (one to three years) and medium term, (three to five years). vda® will inspect the existing equipment and provide a report that is produced when a client is needing a quick review of the building’s elevators. Typically, the client is looking for any maintenance related issues that need to be addressed immediately and if they need to spend any money when a property is purchased. A report with our findings will typically contain an overview summary of the equipment, and immediate concerns, short and medium terms. The report also contains a Life Cycle Analysis, ADA review, Code and Standards Review, Recorded Operation Parameters and the Equipment Profile.  

Mandated Periodic Testing (NYC)/Third Party Witness/Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) – vda® provides “third party” inspection services and/or “Witness” testing of mandated periodic inspections depending on local law requirements. Subsequent to the Periodic Inspection/Testing, vda® will file the required report and findings on behalf of the Client. In addition, vda® will provide a copy of the test report to the Client for record

Services Include

  • Performance of Maintenance Evaluations at Specified Intervals
  • Monitoring of Services to Verify Meeting of Contractual Obligations
  • Negotiate Pricing and Validate Extra Billings
  • Act on Behalf of Client at Contractor Meetings
  • Provide Recommendations for Improvement
  • Evaluation of Overall Level of Maintenance
  • Measurement of Actual Operating Performance vs. Recommended Standards
  • Review of Mandated Testing Dates
  • Itemize Deficiency Documentation
  • Recommendations for Improvement

New Construction / New Equipment Design

Anyone can agree that when it comes to a project starting from the ground up, the Elevators will be a critical component of your project. Whether you are an architect, building developer or owner there vda® can provide our expertise and services for the design of all new elevators in a new building, or the design and installation of new equipment in an existing building. We carefully consider the demands these needs create, as well as existing or anticipated building conditions, in order to design efficient and cost-effective elevator systems. vda®’s services would begin at Schematic Design starting with a study of the various user groups programmed for the new building in order to determine the specific vertical transportation needs of each group. Once the types and sizes of the elevators are determined, drawings and loading information will be provided to the design team for coordination of their disciplines. vda® will generally use accepted design principles, to assure proper sizing and quantity of components, in order to reduce the energy footprint that would otherwise be wasted by oversized systems. In addition, we will review latest equipment design, control, and drive technologies concerning their applicability to the project requirements and their contribution to a sustainable building.

Services Include

  • Theoretical Traffic Analysis
  • Application Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Loads
  • Performance Specifications and Layout Drawings
  • Budget Estimates and Assistance During Bidding
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Progress Visits, Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance And Close-Out

Capital Planning

vda® can bring an enhanced level of planning and management to all phases of a vertical transportation project. As the client’s representative on matters involving the vertical transportation, vda® focuses its extensive experience on managing all program activities to insure a successful outcome. With a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations on scope, cost and deadlines, vda® provides a range of program management services

Services Include

  • Preparation of a preliminary time line with all interim deadlines Interface with vertical transportation trades or disciplines to ensure deliverables will be available when needed.
  • Review of drawings/specifications/deliverables to assure project is on track
  • Monitor schedules and review, approve/reject/negotiate change orders
  • Verify permitting authorities have been notified in a timely manner
  • Ensure all post-construction deliverables are provided to the Owner

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