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We are Vari®, creators of the VariDesk®, but we offer so much more than that. We’re a workspace innovation company offering a complete line of flexible office furniture, including sit-stand desks, tables, seating, accessories, and moveable partitions. Our solutions flex as your agency grows and changes, so it’s easy to make adjustments to your workspace. Not only do we help institutions maximize their space at an efficient price, our products help improve employee collaboration, productivity, and well-being. Plus, whether your teams are at home or in the office, we have what you need to create safe workspaces anywhere.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Vari offers flexible, ergonomic workspace solutions to nonprofit organizations.

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The Vari® Story

VariDesk® is now Vari®. We started by developing the world’s leading sit-stand desk converter to help a coworker with back pain, but we’re so much more than a desk. We are flexible workspace solutions made simple and installed fast.

And, we haven’t stopped innovating. From a collection of office furniture to workspaces offering space-as-a-service, we provide everything needed to unlock the potential of your workforce.

Today, we have over 2 million fans worldwide. We’ve shipped products to more than 120 countries, and our solutions are in 98% of Fortune 500 companies.

Contract Highlights:

  • Flexible workspace solutions including full electric standing desks, modular wall panels, storage, lighting, and Vari sit-stand workstations.
  • Free shipping.
  • Little-to-no assembly required.
  • Transparent, discounted pricing.
  • Buy direct from Vari, no need to go through a dealer.
  • Complimentary design and space planning services.
  • White glove delivery and free installation available on qualifying orders.*
Vari Workspace


We put so much into every Vari product because you expect so much out of them. Every screw, every frame, every inch of desk surface is something we’ve meticulously considered and tested so you can stand confidently behind your purchase. In fact, most Vari products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, or UL certified to BIFMA standard.

Vari Workspace


Vari offers you value and cost savings far beyond our transparent pricing and bulk discounts. Since we manufacture, sell, and install our furniture, we are able to be more flexible than the rest of our industry. This means we can provide more value across the board including free shipping, free delivery, and free install on qualifying orders.

Vari Workspace


We believe furnishing your workspace doesn’t need to be so hard, expensive, or time consuming. With Vari, everything is simple to order, simple to install, and simple to reconfigure as your needs change, saving you thousands of dollars on your project.

Featured Products

QuickFlex Walls® 68

Introducing the QuickFlex Walls® 68, the latest addition to Vari's modular wall system designed to enhance office spaces with more options, flexibility, and efficiency. For projects that have different height needs, the QFW 68 offers a shorter option. Why 68? Because it's 68 inches tall. QuickFlex Walls® 68 system is a shorter design and maintains compatability with all existing components and accessories of the QuickFlex Walls® system. 

Vari QuickFlex Walls 68
QuickFlex Walls 68
QuickFlex Walls 68

QuickFlex Walls® Power

Our new QuickFlex Wall® Power brings "clean" power to workstations, focus areas, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces. Perfect for new projects, it can also be retrofit with existing installs.

QuickFlex Walls Power
QuickFlex Walls Power
QuickFlex Walls Power

*Free delivery in the contiguous US. Free installation on qualifying orders in the contiguous US. See for more details. | Availability subject to change | Patent and trademark information: | ©2020 Varidesk, LLC All rights reserved.

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