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Vaughn Construction is the rare combination of a sophisticated construction manager and an old-fashioned general contractor. Our approach to projects is truly “hands-on.” The company’s owners and principals are involved in every project, providing personal attention to our clients. We also offer a substantial workforce, with craftsmanship and attention to detail unmatched in the industry. Our focus is on the construction process, not merely the result. We understand the details and have greater control over the entire construction process, allowing us to deliver the absolute best value to our clients. On-site and off, we are building things that matter. 

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Together, OMNIA Partners & Vaughn Construction help public agencies build what matters with a cooperative contract through Region 4 ESC - TX. 

Vaughn Construction and OMNIA Partners

Vaughn Construction Contract Documentation

U.S. Communities, National IPA, & NCPA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of OMNIA Partners, dba OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. All public sector participants already registered with National IPA, U.S. Communities, or NCPA continue to have access to all contracts, with certain exceptions, in the portfolio and do not need to re-register to use a legacy National IPA, legacy U.S. Communities, legacy NCPA, or new OMNIA Partners contract. U.S. Communities, National IPA, and NCPA remain separate legal entities and lead agency contracts completed under each brand are effective and available for use through the contract’s approved term. In the event we believe re-registration is necessary for any reason, OMNIA Partners will let you know.

Job Order Contracting Services

Region 4 ESC - TX

Contract Number: R200107

Initial Term: May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2022
Renewal Options: Option to renew for three (3) additional one-year periods through April 30, 2025
RENEWED THROUGH April 30, 2025

Any Work Order Assignments executed against this Master Agreement during the effective term may survive beyond the expiration of the Master Agreement as established and agreed to by both parties. The anticipated full term of the contract is up to five (5) years. The Contractor shall have the right to enter local “service” agreements with Participating Public Agencies accessing the contract through OMNIA Partners, so long as the effective date of such agreement is prior to the expiration of the Master Agreement. All local agreements may have a full potential term (any combination of initial and renewal periods) not to exceed five (5) years.

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