Voss LightingElectrical Equipment, Bulbs and Ballasts and Related Services

Voss Lighting is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of lighting products, with offices in 15 key cities across the United States. We serve a broad range of customers from business and industry to schools and governmental agencies. Voss provides lighting controls, lighting design, service work, and installations. But we provide more than just lighting products and services. Our goal is to discover what our customers need and how their choice of lighting impacts the economics and efficiencies of their business. We want our customers to understand this simple fact: the right light does make a difference – a big difference.

At Voss our Lighting and Energy Services professionals specialize in new, replacement, and retrofit design of lighting and lighting control systems. We utilize state of the art design technology together with current lighting and lighting control regulations and products, environmental and aesthetic considerations, operation and maintenance costs, and customer expectations to provide our customers with a quality design resulting in a cost effective and visually enhanced outcome.