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WaterSignal is a non-invasive technology that provides real-time monitoring and management of water usage. Proactivity is the key to helping save property management companies and owners thousands of dollars in wasted water and potential infrastructure damage. By continuously measuring domestic, irrigation, and cooling tower water meters, we can eliminate uncontrolled water loss by alerting maintenance and management within minutes of excessive or abnormal water use. This is particularly important after hours and on weekends. We provide accurate and detailed data and analysis about how much water is being used, every hour of the day. This data allows steps to be taken to both increase water efficiency and confirm the effective outcome of any new water conservation measures implemented, such as replacing outdated fixtures, adjusting irrigation schedules, or tweaking cooling tower levels.

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WaterSignal water meteroring, monitoring and devices are available on a national cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. 

WaterSignal’s benefits include:

  • Alerting property maintenance and management immediately (within minutes) to any catastrophic or uncontrolled water loss.
  • Utilizing data and benchmarks to identify, confirm, and fix pre-existing leaks.
  • Confirming proper irrigation schedules (days and times), alerting immediately to leaks or excessive usage, faulty rain sensors, broken heads, etc.
  • Notifications regarding increases in daily water usage are sent before the bill arrives (30-60-90 days in advance) in order to address and fix the problem immediately.
  • Verifying the real-time ROI for any water conservation measures implemented.

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