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Watson Consoles has provided expertly engineered products and unrivaled service to mission critical teams and 24/7 public safety environments since 1986. Our consoles’ products are uniquely engineered to endure for a decade or longer, built from wood and steel. We offer feature sets crafted to enhance operator health and performance, such as height-adjustable surfaces, focal depth, and status lights. We have world-class installation and service teams that you can trust. Watson Consoles stands behind you for the life of your console, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Let us help you bring your center to life.

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Watson Consoles control room console solutions are available on a national cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners.

About Watson Consoles

When designing our consoles, our team collaborates with a diverse selection of industry experts. From IT pros to end users, their insight gives us a deep, first-hand understanding of what every possible professional that interacts with our consoles may experience during an average shift. Beyond our products’ intuitive and ergonomic features, Watson Consoles scale and adapt to our clients’ unique needs. We know that specifying and buying consoles furniture can be complicated and involved, which is why we offer premium support at every step of the process. From space planning, to finish choices, to installation, our experts work closely with your project planning team to ensure we design a center tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

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