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Weichert Workforce Mobility and Weichert Corporate Housing are both proud members of the Weichert family of companies.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Weichert provides global employee mobility and corporate temporary housing solutions.

Weichert Workforce Mobility

Global Employee Mobility Services

For over 50 years, we have helped companies of all sizes relocate critical talent and maximize the return on their investment in that talent, anywhere in the world. Whether your company relocates fewer than 40 employees or more than one thousand, we can help.

We make it faster because, as a “right-sized,” independently-owned company, we have the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs without the hindrance of red tape or silos.

We make it easier because we can offer the broadest range of services from one convenient touch-point.

We make it more cost-effective because our Advisory Services practice helps you build and maintain programs and policies that maximize cost savings and employee satisfaction–which, in turn, builds greater ROI.

Advisory Services

We can manage every facet of the relocation process for you, from policy development to group move management, or we can simply provide whatever ancillary services you need.

Pre-Departure Services

No matter who you are moving, no matter where or for how long, our goal is to help you leverage your mobile talent to its full potential.

Relocation Management

Whether you’re looking to manage the movement of your business travelers, expatriates, transferees, or remote workers, we can match you with a best-fit program from core/flex to lump sum to points-based choice programs, and everything in between.

Tax, Expense Management, & Reporting

You’ll benefit from the expertise of our internal tax service team, staffed with Big Four veterans, who provide leading domestic and global tax services at a significantly lower cost.

Compliance Solutions to Support Business Travelers

Our award-winning compliance solution, SMARTRIP, helps you mobilize your talent while minimizing tax, immigration and duty of care risks.

Future-Focused Technology Solutions

Weichert Go– award-winning Salesforce-built technology evolutionizing every aspect of relocation, empowering mobile employees and their managers with tools to simplify and accelerate the process.

Weichert Corporate Housing

Temporary Housing Solutions

We’ll keep your relocating employees comfortable and productive when permanent residences in the destination location are not yet ready for occupancy. Weichert provides cost-effective temporary housing solutions through Weichert Corporate Housing (WCH).

Our properties are selected with the needs of today’s businessperson in mind. Locations are carefully researched to ensure the most contemporary amenities and proximity to corporate and business centers, major commuter arteries, shopping, dining and recreation.

The synergy between Weichert and WCH allows for unmatched flexibility and responsiveness. Weichert Mobility Counselors work directly with specially designated WCH Counselors who assess your employees’ needs and identify appropriate housing in accordance with client  policy. WCH Counselors are seasoned housing experts who handle everything for your employees and their families, ensuring comfort at every step of the process and making them feel at home wherever work takes them.

Consider the following advantages that our temporary housing solutions offer over extended hotel stays:

Personalized Assistance

Experienced WCH Counselors, working in tandem with Weichert Mobility Counselors, serve as your employees’ advocate throughout their stay and assist with their temporary housing needs.

Range of Options

Premium apartments, condos and townhouses across the U.S. and Canada, with styles to match every taste and budget. Whether you’re permanently relocating your employees or are looking for short-term solutions for temporary assignments or summer internships, we can help.

Space to Grow

Apartments are not only more spacious than a hotel room, but they're also designed to function as permanent homes, with kitchens, multiple bedrooms, larger workstations and more storage space.

Greater Comfort at Lower Cost

Our properties offer more space and better amenities than a hotel, and we work to create a “home away from home” for relocating employees and their families.  In addition, our properties offer kitchens and appliances for employees to cook their own meals and include local phone service.

Improved Productivity

Living out of a suitcase can get tiresome. When your employees are comfortably situated, they’re more relaxed, more productive, and better able to focus on the new assignment.

Consolidated Billing and Reporting

Weichert audits and processes all temporary housing invoices to ensure accuracy and simplified client billing. We can provide detailed reports to help you manage this costly relocation component.

When it comes to providing comfortable, authentic, and cost-effective experiences for your company’s workers on the go, hotels are out, and corporate housing is in. And when it comes to ensuring that business travelers feel at home wherever they are, no one does it better than Weichert Corporate Housing.

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