WellSpark HealthDigital Healthcare Guidance – Diabetes

Because no individual – or company – is the same, Wellspark specializes in not being one-size-fits-all. From group and individual lifestyle coaching and chronic disease self-management support, to incentive programs, WellSpark has everything employers need to cultivate and promote a culture of wellbeing. WellSpark’s digital wellbeing platform gives employers the flexibility to create unique programming that makes the most sense for their employees, using it as the entry point to access live coaches and group programs, all focused on topics that are meaningful and culturally-relevant. Employees face numerous challenges—physical, psychological, and social—that can become barriers to maintaining good health and wellbeing. WellSpark’s programs help employers create a culture of health motivating employees to engagement and enduring change. WellSpark’s programs make connections between health, data, work, and personal experiences; then meet people where they are with actions that are compatible to their unique individual circumstances. This life-dimensional approach is what makes WellSpark different.