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Westmatic is the premier manufacturer of large vehicle wash systems and we routinely work with the best transit agencies, architects and engineers to complete top of the line and modern maintenance facility projects or upgrades to existing sites. Westmatic has been in the Large Vehicle Washing business since 1974, with its North American headquarters and manufacturing located in Buffalo, New York. With decades of experience to learn from, Westmatic continues to be the market-leader in the wash system industry and continuously finds solutions to allow our equipment to best suit the needs of our customers. We’ve completed projects for some of the largest public and private entities in the world.

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Westmatic is a manufacturer of Large Vehicle Wash Systems. Their core products include environmentally-friendly bus, truck, and train wash systems.

About Westmatic Corporation

Available through OMNIA Partners, Westmatic offers vehicle wash systems to participating agencies nationwide.

Westmatic’s equipment and design is unique in the industry in that we are extremely mindfulwater usage and soap usage, and incorporate features to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs, while providing superior wash results. Being the most innovative large vehicle wash manufacturer and with all of our system sophistication, Westmatic's systems remain user friendly and incredibly simple to operate and maintain.

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