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From packing and planning to loading and delivery, Wheaton strives to keep you updated with timely and clear communication along with providing a smooth and simple experience.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Wheaton Group offers nonprofit organizations relocation services through the competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract.

Wheaton Group Overview

The Wheaton Group:  Your OMNIA Partners Household Goods Relocation Partner

Let’s not beat around the bush: moving is stressful. That’s why OMNIA Partners partnered with The Wheaton Group and its brands to provide top quality household goods moving and storage services. It's important to hire a moving company that excels at providing a comfortable, hassle-free experience. After all, your move will be your first memory at your new home!


The Wheaton Group is here to provide you with the resources and attention you need to be prepared for every aspect of your move. Our nearly 450 agents nationwide pay attention to the details, especially the little ones. We’ll dispatch a friendly driver and crew who will go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service to you and your family.

As part of an OMNIA Partners member organization, when you hire an agent for The Wheaton Group (Wheaton Van Lines, Bekins Van Lines, Stevens Van Lines and Arpin Van Lines), you'll get:

  • Competitive discounts -- a minimum of 24 percent
  • Up to $100,000 of free Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP)
  • Delay guarantee - We'll pay you $150 per day (up to the discounted linehaul) for each day we deliver outside of the agreed upon delivery spreads
  • Claims delay guarantee - send you a letter of claims resolution within 30 days of the claim filing or we'll pay you $25 per day up to $250.

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