The OMNIA Partners Difference

OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced organization in group purchasing. Our members and suppliers benefit from the power and influence we have across a multitude of industries, and the extensive access they get to products, services and customers. This creates unparalleled value, unmatched resources and streamlined procurement solutions members and suppliers can trust to optimize their businesses.

Our immense purchasing power and market-leading suppliers have produced an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships. OMNIA Partners provides unmatched value to our 410,000+ members and participants in both the private and public sector, crossing more than 35 major industries.

Our buying power translates into savings across the board and inherent value beyond cost. The importance of our members and participants gets elevated as the market share expansion for our vendors accelerates. We provide long-term solutions and industry expertise so that our members, participants and suppliers can capitalize on initiatives that are truly strategic to their businesses.

Power in Numbers