What Makes OMNIA Partners the Future of Purchasing

OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced organization in group purchasing and supply chain management. Comprised of members and suppliers in both the government and private sector, we bring together industry-leading buying power and world-class vendors to offer an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships.

Through the economies of scale created by our four subsidiaries, National IPA, Prime Advantage, Corporate United and most recently acquired, U.S. Communities, our members and suppliers execute more contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing. They benefit from the power and associations we have across a multitude of industries, and the premier access they get to products, services and customers. This creates the unparalleled value and unmatched resources our members and supplier partners can trust to reach their full potential.

OMNIA Partners

As the leading public sector purchasing cooperative, National IPA offers strength in numbers and years of government purchasing experience. With the group buying power of more than 150,000 entities, National IPA reduces product and administrative costs, while always ensuring maximum value with complete transparency.

National IPA

Prime Advantage is dedicated to helping manufacturers control costs and partner with over 125 proven world-class suppliers, specializing in direct materials. Since 1997, Prime Advantage has delivered greater cost savings, stronger business relationships and an environment where all partners can flourish together.

Prime Advantage

As the nation’s largest indirect group purchasing organization, many of the most innovative companies rely on Corporate United to manage their indirect spend across more than 50 categories. Since 1997, Corporate United has expanded to a membership of more than 500 companies with a combined buying power of $300 billion on indirect goods and services per year.

Corporate United

U.S. Communities, founded in 1996 in partnership with several National Sponsors, services more than 55,000 registered state and local government agencies, education institutions and non-profits nationwide.


OMNIA Partners and its subsidiaries are dedicated to helping members and suppliers soar past every growth goal and marker of success. Together we are going well beyond what procurement previously knew to be possible.