The Road to Becoming the Largest and Most Experienced Organization in Group Purchasing

President and CEO Todd Abner and Chief Operating Officer Ward Brown formed Horizon Resource Group in 2001. Horizon Resource Group was a group purchasing organization dedicated to higher education. The success of Horizon Resource Group led to the formation of National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) in 2006, expanding the cooperative purchasing offering into other verticals, state and local government as well as primary education business. Today, National IPA is the nation’s leading cooperative purchasing organization for both the education and public sectors. More than 150,000 agencies and institutions currently participate in the National IPA cooperative, utilizing approximately 400 competitive contracts within the portfolio offering.

In 2013, National IPA merged with Provista, a subsidiary of Vizient, Inc., the nation’s largest member-owned healthcare services company with an estimated $100 billion in annual transaction volume. The merger resulted in an acceleration of National IPA’s growth.

In July 2015, National IPA, under the leadership of Abner and Brown, acquired The Cooperative Purchasing Network Management Company, LLC (TCPN), a national cooperative dedicated to primary education and public sector agencies. This acquisition yet again positioned National IPA as a leader in another industry, primary education.

In September 2016, with support from TA Associates in Boston, MA, Abner and Brown executed a management buyback of National IPA from Provista. TA Associates is one of the largest and most experienced global growth private equity firms. TA has raised $24 billion in capital and is investing out of current funds of $7.25 billion.

In 2017, the founders of National IPA formed OMNIA Partners to provide the same level of expertise and value to the private and public sector marketplaces. In June 2017, OMNIA Partners acquired Prime Advantage, the leading buying group in mid-market manufacturing and experts in direct materials, raw materials, components, services and supplies procurement. Then, in September 2017, OMNIA Partners acquired Corporate United, the nation’s largest indirect group purchasing organization, whose membership has a combined $300 billion in buying power. Leveraging shared services, OMNIA Partners offers members unprecedented purchasing power, with access to more contracts, with more value, in more markets, than ever before. Together we are shaping the future of cooperative purchasing, with unparalleled scale, experience and expertise.