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OMNIA Partners and FedEx deliver nonprofit organizations cost-saving solutions that simplify procurement and help drive efficiencies for all of your shipping needs. Our FedEx cooperative contract is available to all OMNIA Partners participating Nonprofit Sector members. Getting started is easy and you can take advantage of no weekly pick-up fees, a competitive rate structure, plus these features and benefits: 

FedEx Tools and Technology: FedEx has the tools your team requires for all your shipping and transportation needs.

Multi-user accounts: Connect your FedEx accounts to match your org structure, control shipping services access down to the individual with FedEx Administration.

Payment methods: Net 30-day payment terms (once you enroll through the SOAR portal or connect to OMNIA Partners contract). Manage your bills with FedEx Billing Online.

Reporting and analytics: Track and monitor spending within your organization with online reporting and invoicing reports.

Enable spend controls: Manage authorized users, set service limits and approve individuals before they ship.

Connecting People & Possibilities

Connecting people with goods, services, ideas and technologies creates opportunities that fuel innovation, energize businesses and lift communities to higher standards of living.  At FedEx, we believe that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do.

Getting Started – It's Easy

Simply, register for a FedEx account below, use code OMNIAP and start saving!
FedEx customers must be registered as participants of OMNIA Partners in order to use the publicly awarded FedEx contract. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits with OMNIA Partners or to create a FedEx account.


Already have a FedEx account and registered with OMNIA Partners? Please enroll to use their publicly solicited contract by completing the contract enrollment form.

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Simply create an account with this link above with code OMNIAP and start saving!