Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security

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OMNIA Partners works to connect the Nonprofit Sector to collective buying power. Our Graybar cooperative contract provides nonprofit organization with cost-saving solutions for any data/communication, networking, wireless, security, electrical and lighting needs. When organizations choose the Graybar cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, they will receive savings and value that go beyond costs. This cooperative contract allows your organization to maximize savings on the products you need while reducing procurement time.

    Why Graybar?

    National footprint and extensive sales coverage enable Graybar to provide first-rate service

    • More than 290 locations throughout the U.S.
    • Over 4,000 associates actively work in support of participating public agencies each year - from locations right down the street.

    Putting the right inventory in the right places with a customer-focused logistics and inventory strategy

    • With over $500 million in inventory, material is available when and where customers need it.
    • Centralized Call Center Agents assist customers on a regional basis and support order requests through local branch or service center inventory.

    Benefits of Graybar & OMNIA Partners

    Commitment: It is Graybar's corporate commitment to make the contract, available through OMNIA Partners, the most cost-effective and efficient option for public agencies.

    Value: The program offers our best overall value to a nonprofit organization. Our experience has shown we typically save an agency 5% or more on their total spend when compared to the orangization's existing strategy. The Graybar cooperative contract also includes a Volume Incentive Program (details found in Master Agreement Appendix C), providing additional value through utilization of the program.

    Savings: Graybar works with key suppliers to negotiate reduced costs wherever possible on frequently purchased items in the core list provided. For items frequently purchased by multiple organizations, our proposal targets 5 - 10% savings to the participants assuming a consistent mix of product purchases.

    Service: Customized service and personal integrity are the foundations upon which Graybar builds the trusting, long-term relationships required in today's business environment. With over 2,000 customer service and sales representatives, Graybar is able to service OMNIA Partners members across North America.

    Partnership: An alliance with Graybar will result in a "strategic partner" that is focused on administrating a contractually compliant program that will reduce OMNIA Partner's members overall material acquisition costs.

    Efficiency: Our proven reliability means that you can count on Graybar to deliver continuity of operations no matter what the circumstances. The scalability inherent in our approach will enable us to provide seamless service. 


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    OMNIA Partners delivers savings across the board that goes beyond cost. Leverage the power of OMNIA Partners and utilize the transforming solutions from Graybar.Reach out to get started today!

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