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If you’ve been stranded with a vehicle that won’t start, you likely know the feeling of urgency to get back on the road. Whether it was a fix you were familiar with or not, adding in extreme weather could also add more stress.

We want to help you prepare for those unexpected moments, so you can work through them with confidence.

In the coming winter months, Advance Auto Parts want to help your fleet prevent breakdowns and help you build a good emergency kit for each vehicle. Check out these lists for ways to boost your preparedness and advance your auto.

Advance’s Top Ways to Prep Your Fleet for Success

  1. Test and Replace Battery if needed
  2. Check/Top Off Fluids
  3. Change Wipers
  4. Change Oil Filters
  5. Check Engine Air and Cabin Air Filters
  6. Check interior and Exterior Lights
  7. Build Emergency Kit for each Vehicle

Advance’s Top Items to Pack for an Emergency Kit 

  1. First Aid Kit 
  2. Batteries 
  3. Strong Flash Light 
  4. Gas Can 
  5. Fix-A-Flat 
  6. Power Convertor 
  7. Fire Extinguisher 
  8. Siphon Pump  
  9. Tire Changing Tools 

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