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Find The American Express Payment Solution Which Is Right For Your Business

Corporate Card: Card-based payment solution to manage employee spending.

  • Improve your expense management process with an efficient payments program.
  • Improve Visibility to track your company and employee expenses and identify ways to help improve your accounts payable processes. 

Corporate Purchasing Card: Card-based payment solution for high-frequency, low-dollar purchases.

  • Help employees conveniently purchase what they need when they need it.
  • Help reduce processing costs by decreasing paper invoices and checks as well as improve the procurement cycle time by reducing manual steps and approvals.

vPayment: Digital payment solution that assigns a specific virtual account number to each transaction. Users are able to set specific preauthorization payment amounts and date ranges, which can help streamline the payment process and reduce manual reconciliation.

  • Help control costs. vPayment can help reduce the risk of overcharges and errors while lowering the costs of back office reconciliation and settlement.
  • Set spend limit, usage dates, and key transaction details to help reduce errors and risk of fraud† exposure from manual payments.

Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP): Web-based platform that offers a simple way to expand electronic payments by sending automated push payments to suppliers. ‡

  • Help drive efficiency and savings by reducing paper checks and transitioning to electronic payments.
  • Increase control with automated push payments to suppliers.

† vPayment can help reduce the risk of fraud with transaction-level controls which allow your company to set a specific date range and pre-authorization amount for payments.
‡ Supplier must agree to accept payments from you through the American Express Buyer Initiated Payments portal.

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