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We Detect. We Decontaminate. We Design.

Apache Technical Services' SafeSpace Solutions provide organizations with the approach necessary to minimize the risks of contagion and contamination in your space through advanced, highly technical detection and decontamination systems.  Detect threats to employee and customer safety by utilizing the Mass Temperate Screening System. Decontaminate your facilities with UV-C technology products, made here in the US. Members of the OMNIA Partners program receive additional discounts on products to help you create safer spaces with advanced technical solutions.

About Apache Industrial Services: Apache Industrial Services is a leader in the industrial services industry and is recognized for keeping people safe. Apache is a $1 billion integrated fabrication, manufacturing, and services business with a 400,000 square-foot fabrication facility and 40 locations across the United States and Canada.

Service & Customer Value Highlights

  • National offering of Soft Craft Services and a full line if UVC Germicidal Products
  • Warranty of 30 days on all products sold
  • Free evaluation of your needs and best product solutions
  • Quotes within 24 hrs. from date of request
  • Members will have access to a 24-hour 365 day a year toll free phone number
  • Apache Industrial will respond to service emergencies within 48 hours

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