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Streamline Procurement with PunchOut

PunchOut makes purchasing from Graybar simple: get our products, through your platform.

Users can access Graybar’s catalog directly from your system, select items for approval and manage orders online. By leveraging PunchOut with the OMNIA Partners contract, you can get greater cost savings and consistency in your procurement process.

Why Use PunchOut?

Digitizing purchasing enables faster order processing and fewer errors, making your team more productive.

You can also ensure all users shop from your preferred products, helping to control costs and encourage adherence to business standards. Generate reports to get better visibility into your material usage across projects.

How Does It Work?

Users connect to through your procurement system and add products to a requisition list. They can browse lists of your approved products and view inventory information in real time. Product availability updates continuously.

We can customize your shopping experience by creating customer-specific views, including:

  • Pricing – display your prices 24/7
  • Products – customize a product view, or see the complete catalog
  • Custom catalogs – help users find preferred products quickly and easily
  • Branding – display your logo prominently to let users know they’ve reached the correct page

Once users choose the items they want, they can easily request a quote and convert to cart.

We offer established ERP system connections with most third-party vendors, and can support most web browsers.

How to Get Started

Contact us to learn how we can help you combine the convenience of PunchOut with the purchasing power of the OMNIA Partners contract.

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