Managed Service Provider

How do it achieve step-change economies in talent sourcing?

Workspend’s talent solutions are specifically designed to align with your needs.  In most cases, our clients will see profound improvement in the overall value of contingent talent sourcing and usage through improved cycle time, reduced cost, reduced risk and increased quality.

What role does a Vendor Management System (VMS) play?

The VMS enables the overall process and value to be delivered by providing a web based, mobile enabled platform for requesting, managing and tracking an enterprise’s contingent workforce through its complete lifecycle.  It delivers exceptional levels of transparency across programs.

Is having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) worth the money?

The majority of our talent, solutions including MSP, are supplier funded without a direct cost to the client company.  Additionally, all solutions typically implement with immediate hard cost savings achieved through a variety of solution specific tactics.  As such, clients will experience solid first year value and return.  Our service is grounded by a commitment to never stand-still and always seek to improve service performance year over year.

Why should I be considering a Managed Direct Sourcing Approach?

In today’s dynamic skill specific labor market, utilizing multiple sourcing streams provides clients the best opportunity for success.  One such sourcing stream is Direct Sourcing that leverages your employment brand, and other sources to build a focused and private contingent labor talent pool that delivers interested quality candidates at a lower cost.  Our Managed Direct Sourcing approach means we can supply best-fit technology ecosystem, remove obstacles to adoption (speeding up the time-to-value), while enriching your program with know-how, insights and resources to optimize results.   

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