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    Facilities Sources (formerly Dura Pier)

    Job Order Contracting

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    About Us

    Facilities Sources supplies quick turnkey, integrated, quality construction services with multi-trade capabilities for the educational, institutional and commercial markets. With specialty licenses for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services, Facilities Sources is able to efficiently coordinate all phases of construction, providing maximum productivity, quality and safety to its customers. This unique combination of services under one roof means one team is efficiently completing the job, ensuring maximum productivity and quality, at the least possible price, adding to customer satisfaction.

    Contract Highlights:

    • Facilities Sources provides Job Order Contracting Services
    • Facilities Sources will provide full general construction and retrofit remodel/renovation
    • Facilities Sources will provide electrical, mechanical, HVAC, foundation repairs and stabilization services, and moisture protection/waterproofing
    • Facilities Sources will provide quotes in a timely manner
    • Facilities Sources will work with agencies to help develop scope of work based on their budget
    • Participating agencies will have access to a 24-hour 365 day a year toll free phone number
    • Facilities Sources will respond to service emergencies within 2-24 hours depending on the circumstances

    Contact Information

    Jim Burke

    Phone: 713-337-5700

    Wayne Bryant

    Phone: 713-337-5704