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    To utilize a contract with Farber Specialty Vehicles, you must be registered as a participating agency on the OMNIA Partners website. There is no cost for membership. OMNIA Partners is open to states, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and special districts.

    Contact Information

    Phone: (Toll Free) 800-331-3188
    Fax: 614-759-2098
    E-mail: omniapartners@farberspecialty.com 
    Website: www.farberspecialty.com/about-us/partners-and-certifications


    Farber Specialty Vehicles has committed to providing all OMNIA Partners participating agencies with our lowest public sector pricing for our consulting services.


    Who is Farber Specialty Vehicles?
    Farber Specialty Vehicles 60,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly plant is located next to I-70 in Columbus, Ohio, just ten minutes from the Columbus International Airport.

    A talented workforce with an extremely high retention rate has been the cornerstone of Farber Specialty Vehicles success. Our team leaders oversee a staff of more than 120 skilled craftsmen and have been in the industry from ten to thirty years.

    Our electrical and mechanical engineering staff is dedicated to custom designing bodies and interior floor plans with AutoCAD and Solid Works computer design systems.

    Production includes custom-built mobile units for police, medical, veterinary, Homeland Security, communications, education, and business interests both nationally and internationally.

    Warranty information and assistance are provided for all components to assure your purchase works to the fullest capacity throughout the life of the vehicle. Delivery and training are provided by experienced technicians.

    In 2002, Farber purchased the assets of Custom Coach Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of executive and entertainer transportation since 1955. Together, our commitment to quality and innovation has proven itself in each vehicle we build and every customer we keep.


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    Contact Information

    Email: omniapartners@farberspecialty.com

    Phone: 800-331-3188

    Fax: 614-759-2098